6 Habits To Elevate Your Productivity.

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At times, being productive comes easier than others. When I’m on it, I’m flipping great. I’m efficient, quick, and I’m able to stay on top of everything that’s going on. We all lead busy, demanding lives and experience times when productivity just doesn’t seem to happen. Over time, I’ve learnt some easy to use habits to elevate my productivity. This means I can do more in less time, and carve out the time to do the things I enjoy.

Here’s what works for me…


Whatever you have to do on any given day, prioritise your tasks and do the most important first. I deal with the most important things as soon as I can, preferably in the morning. It makes the day less pressurised, and frees up space for other things. Plus, I know I feel super productive when I’ve tackled the most important thing first. I’m able to think clearly too once it’s out of the way, knowing I can move onto other things.

Work Out Your Productivity Peak.

I’m a morning person. It’s when I’m most productive and motivated. I’m sometimes amazed at what I can get done in a few hours after breakfast. Work out when you’re at your best and work with it, not against it. This way you’ll maximise your productivity for when you’re most efficient, and you’ll get more done.

Be Productive and Think Ahead (But Not Too Much). 

I like to look ahead, consider my week and check out my diary for what’s on. I find looking too far ahead a bit overwhelming so taking things a week at a time is manageable for me. Plus, if I start thinking about what’s happening next month, I’ll never remember everything. Once I know my weekly commitments, such as very important coffee dates with friends, I plan and schedule the extras into the free parts of my week. Using a Bullet Journal is brilliant for this. I actually look forward to completing my weekly planner. This makes my week so much more manageable. I can spread tasks out over the week, making life more balanced. 

You can find out more about bullet journaling here.

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Towan Beach CornwallGoal Setting.

I find goals setting really useful for staying motivated. If I just think about the goal, I start to feel a bit pressurised, sometimes lost. With the end goal in sight, I work backwards, breaking down my goal into achievable steps. I write these steps down and focus on one thing at a time. This makes the goal seem achievable and in reach. It elevates feelings of productivity as I’m looking ahead and making progress with each step. I find I’m more likely to reach my goal when I tackle it this way. Otherwise, I’m prone to faffing and ultimately getting very little done. 

Productive Means No Distractions.

It’s easy to flit around, doing bits and bobs and get side tracked. Our phones are really unhelpful for this, aren’t they? I usually put my phone away, or in another room and crack on with what I need to do. Let’s face it, most of the time we pick up our phones for no particular reason. It’s more out of habit than anything else. And distracting habits can really get in the way of being productive. Focus on the task in hand. You’ll get through it quicker and then you can have…

Breaks and Treats.

I always have breaks when I’ve lots to do. I’m not talking an hour of daytime TV here. Just making a cuppa, or moving from where I’m sitting and having a stretch. I might factor in a run. It breaks up the monotony and aids productivity. The same goes for treats. I’m a believer in rewarding ourselves, even for little achievements and burst of productivity. So once something is done and out of the way, I like to do something for me.

We all need some down time after all.

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I think we all learn what helps us stay productive and I guess we all have habits that work for us. What enables you to juggle all the plates, and stay on top of life? Do you have any fool proof productivity tips that you rely on?

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