6 Instagram Hashtag Challenges for 2020

A few years ago, I published a post, 5 Instagram Hashtag Challenges to Boost Creativity. At that point I’d only recently come across Instagram hashtag challenges and had built a little list to refer to when needing some Instagram inspiration. 

Since then, the Instagram hashtag challenge list has grown. 

I’ve discovered more Instagram accounts who each propose their own themes and challenge you to post your best photo, with the accompanying hashtag.

Some of these Instagram accounts have been going for years and are well established. Others are newer but no less inspiring or appealing. Instagram hashtag challenges offer the opportunity to discover new accounts, create connections, and reconsider your photography skills and style. 

Here are 6 more Instagram Hashtag challenges for you to be part of. Some have daily themes while others give you the heads up a month in advance. Other Instagram photo challenge accounts have one ongoing hashtag. Either way, if you engage in these communities and post your photo, it could be featured on the host’s Instagram page, meaning more people will find you and see you content.

That aside, being part of photo challenge is good for creativity and can open your eyes to new accounts and engagement opportunities.

A Cup Of View


The A Cup of View hashtag challenge comes from Caroline at @pears39. She wanted to offer people small moments on Instagram that are about savouring a cup of tea, coffee, herbal drink, gin, whatever you like, where ever you are. The a cup of view hashtag is about slowing down, taking a moment, and sharing it with others. 

If you’d like to join in and share your cup of view, follow Caroline’s instagram account and use the hashtag. Every week, she shares several photos. At the end of the month, Caroline’s blog features the overall winner. There’s a prize too, which is announced with the winner, such as a new cup. (Quite right too!)

Flatlay cup book glasses

Fat Mum Slim A Photo A Day


What a delight it was, discovering the #fms hashtag challenge from Fat Mum Slim. Funnily enough, I found out about it from Caroline (mentioned above). It’s been going strong for about 8 years and has a huge community who keep coming back for more. 

Every month, a new photo a day list is revealed so you can plan your pics in advance. The list offers daily prompts to get you thinking about your photography. Just share your photo on the gram using the relevant hashtag for the day and the hashtag #fmspad. Every day, the Little moments app instagram account showcases the best 4 photos from the daily hashtag challenge.

Hiya Papaya Photo A Day


I stumbled across the hiya papaya hashtag challenge purely by chance and it’s become an account I routinely check out before I post and for new ideas. 

Each month the peeps at Hiya Papaya release a list. Themes alternate between a main tag day (#hiyapapayaphotaday) and themed tag days. You can take your pictures early and if you’re using the themed tag, you can use the main tag as well. There’s also no limit to the number of photos you can tag on the main days, they just have to ones you’ve not used before. For themed days, 8 is the maximum number of photos you can enter into the challenge, but that loads so no worries there. 

Either way, there’s every chance you could get a feature and people engage and connect with your account, while you can find stacks of new inspiring people to follow as well.

Broom Parc Cornish Coastpath The Roseland Instagram Hashtag

The JJ Community

I love the JJ Community and have been checking out their themes for a few years now. I like their emphasis on creating good content and connecting with others. The JJ people advocate the 1, 2, 3 rule. If you tag 1 image, they ask that you comment on 2 and like 3. 

As with some of the other hashtags already mentioned, they release a daily hashtag, or theme, every morning, with outstanding results. The images are stunning. You can use Instagram posts already on your grid if you haven’t got time to get one that fits on the day. Throughout the day, favourite images are submitted on the main account page. 

The joy is you’re never know what you’re going to get. The JJ community also have loads of linked hashtags too. Just put #jj_ in the Instagram search and you’re bound to find a hashtag that’s relevant to your content. 

Once Upon A Beach


I had to include a coastal hashtag! Once upon a beach (@onceupon_a_beach) will transport you to different climes around the world where there are palm tress, coconuts and blue skies. The feed for this account is truly beautiful. Just tag your coastal, sea, lighthouse, or other beach related photos with #onceupon_a_beach and you never know, you may be featured. 

Porthalland Cove Cornwall Beach Waves

This Pretty England


This Pretty England is another monthly challenge account. It highlights the beauty of England, whether a busy High Street, a vintage chair by a window with an outstanding view, or derelict abbey. I love how This Pretty England opens your eyes up to different parts of the country, to what other counties and corners of England have to offer. 

Photos need to be tagged with the account hashtag #thisprettyengland, and/or the monthly theme. Favourite themed photos are shared towards the end of the month. You can use old and new photos. Hoorah!

Do regularly seek out Instagram hashtag challenges? There’s hundreds out there, I’m sure. It’s just a case of finding more!


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