A Time For Change

I’ve recently read lots of posts from lovely bloggers outlining what they want from 2018. While this post is a hit list of things I would like from 2018, they aren’t my New Year Resolutions. We can choose to change any time we wish, why wait until January 1st? Does anyone stick to NY resolutions anyway? I know I don’t.


Thinking ahead, there are lots of things I want to master or do. I have many running goals for the year (Bring. It. On.) but what about the things I do the rest of the time?

Here we go…

Blogging Goals

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do more, be better, and aspire. For me, my blog is where it’s at. I’m still having thoughts about where to take it, but I’ve made some decisions and I’m really excited.

I want a new look – the new theme is already done but I’m still playing around with it. I want to tighten things up and take my blogging more seriously. It’s been fun so far but there have been times when I’ve forced a post for the sake of consistency, and it didn’t feel right. I want my posts to come from a place that enthuses me otherwise it will be apparent in my writing.


There have been other dilemmas too. I’ve often wondered whether my subject areas really gel together. While our blogs can be what we want them to be, I continue to wonder if psychology belongs here. Yet I’m reluctant to let it go. Even though I’m an experienced psychologist, I don’t always find it easy to write about. I tend to want a psychology break when I’m not working. Given my indecisiveness, I’ve decided to keep it here but only write about it when I want to.

Aside from mental health, the running will remain. I’m overflowing with running post ideas and it helps that I have a true love for it. As for lifestyle, it’s time for a change. I like clothes and fashion but I’m not someone who shops a lot (I can’t afford it), and I’m not sure how much of creating looks is really me. I want my blog to be more about life rather than style. This feels more natural to me and reflects who I am.

Connecting & Engaging

I know connecting with other bloggers is important, and being part of the community is essential if you’re a blogger. Despite starting my own blog about a year ago, I shied away from forming online relationships with others. I didn’t feel confident commenting on blog or instagram posts. To be honest, I felt like a bit of an imposter and thought everyone was doing it better than me. As time’s gone on, I still have these hang ups but am a little more self-assured. I’ve decided to make more of a concerted effort to read different blogs and comment on the posts I genuinely like. This means I’m discovering bloggers I admire. It’s been enlightening and refreshing to find other like minded bloggers, whose ideas and voices chime with mine.


Photography Goals

I’m totally obsessed with getting better at photography and have read heaven only knows how many blogposts on it. These range from how to improve my photography, how to edit them, as well as attempting to master different kinds of shots, like flatlays. Clearly the key is to practice A LOT.

I’ve promised myself that I won’t use a photo unless I’m totally happy with it, meaning I may have to miss posting on Instagram occasionally. I can’t tell you how close this brings me to coming out in hives, but growth is the aim and that won’t come from material I’m not totally happy with.


When it comes to photography, I’ve been thinking what kind of look and style I want to portray and achieve. My thinking was prompted by a lovely post from Olivia Bossert (she knows her photography onions!) and her suggestion of focusing on a colour palette. When I consider what I’m drawn to, it’s a complete mish-mash. I seem to like clean, white minimal pictures as much as the bright and colourful ones. I also have a taste for darker, moody photos like those from Blushing Lately and Queen Beady. It seems my instagram has a nod to of all these, with a definite shift happening when the seasons change.

Getting Organised

I feel like I’m on a perpetual quest to be more organised. Please tell me this is normal.

I often say how I’m less organised now I’m a parent but 7 years on, it doesn’t seem much of an excuse anymore. Working part time (which I am lucky enough to be able to do) and having a busy life doesn’t help. I’m often rushing around and forgetting things. The me time is usually at a minimum.


Last year I started Bullet Journaling and it was amazing. All of sudden I didn’t feel overwhelmed by all I had to do. My days were structured and I set a few tasks per day. It led to a good life-do balance. I can’t remember why I stopped, it wasn’t a conscious decision. I probably forgot to complete it one week and the routine slipped. To feel organised, I need to start bulletting again.

Getting Creative


There are many things I would like to do on the creative front. One is to improve my photography. The other is to complete an art course. I was given a special birthday present last year and will be booking my place on a short course at Newlyn Art School. I just need to decide which one. A long time ago I completed a short watercolour painting class but the style wasn’t for me. The thing is, I don’t consider myself to be the most creative person. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly imaginative but would like to be. Doing an art course, I hope, will give me some head space and more of a license to explore my creativity.

Book Worm


I used to be a proper book worm and would always be reading something in my spare time. Instead of going to bed with a good book, I’m now in the bad habit of looking at my phone before lights out. This isn’t good for sleep, and lets face it, what is there to look at at 11pm at night? I’m wasting time. I’ve got a load of books I want to read too. As well as picking up a good book, I want to make more use of Audible. I tend to listen to podcasts or books when on a long run, but I’m quite choosey about what I listen to at these times. Doing housework is also a good time to plug myself in. I need to do it more.

So there we have it! I think that’s enough to be going on with and I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop.

What are your goals and aspirations for 2018? Is it a time for change for you, or are you continuing with your aims from 2017?

Whatever you have planned or in mind, I hope it’s a good one.

Pen x

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  • What a brilliant post Penny, I love it. I’m so glad that you are enthusiastic about your blogging and photography, passions I share! I think it is brilliant that you have found the confidence to get stuck in to the online community, I don’t think it necessarily comes naturally to women of around our age, but hey, everyone else is making it work for them! The very best of luck, Helen

    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. It feels like a big step for me, engaging with others, even though I think other bloggers see it as the norm. Keep up the fab work! x

  • Hi Pen, really identify with so much in this post. I’m very, very new to this blogging malarkey, and have had to take the bull by the horns and have started commenting and engaging with other bloggers. Am also a runner(not ultra standard though) and am trying to work out how to incorporate it stylishly into my blog.
    Hope you have a great evening.

    • Hi Liz, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I think it takes time to work out a blog and what you want it look like. I knew nothing about it and feel 12 months on, I only just feel like I’ve got to grips with it. Some people are more tech than me but I feel my blogging confidence has grown. Good luck with the running too! I’m not ultra standard either (not yet anyway).

      All the best (& I’ll check your blog out).
      Pen x