How To Write A Knockout About Me Page

When it comes to writing an About Me page, it’s usually one we try and avoid, or at least feel a bit twitchy about.

But fear not! Your About Me page doesn’t have to be a painstakingly cringeworthy process, where all you feel you’re doing is blowing your own trumpet. Instead it can be a clear, concise, and relatively short narrative offering you reader a succinct understanding what you can do for them, how you do it, and most importantly, why. 

Here’s some pointers to keep you focused and help raise the bar when it comes to your About Me page.

Share Your Values

The values that underpin your blog or creative business should spill out into your About Me page.

Your brand values are the frame on which your content lies, and there’s a need to share these with others. This ensures you’ll attract and engage with the right people, and create a community with others who hold the same values close to their heart.

You can be explicit about your values if you like but they should also be apparent in your choice of words, the language you use as well as your overall aesthetic. For example, if you have a business relating to slow living, your About Me page should reflect this. It shouldn’t portray a busy, frantic lifestyle as this would jar with your brand and identity.

Most of all, think about what makes your brand is amazing, and why people should come to you without a backward glance.

Keep Your Audience In Mind

While it’s called an About Me page, what you’re actually aiming to do is write about your reader or customer. Of course you’re describing yourself and your business, but within that you’re also describing your audience.

Think about what they need to know about you and your business, rather than what you want to tell them. What will help them know you’re right for them? What are you offering that they’ll really want or need?

When you’re sharing information about yourself and your brand, consider if the reader needs to know the information you’re offering. If you’re not sure, leave it out.

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Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Fiona Humberstone writes eloquently on celebrating what makes you different, and letting it shine throughout your brand. Your About Me page is the perfect place to do this.

I think the secret here is to pin down what you do and be specific about your skills, brand or business, rather than trying to be too versatile and widespread. I made this mistake very early on and my blog and Instagram posts remained undefined.

It’s ok to talk about what you’re best at, and for that to be a handful of things. By stretching yourself too far, you run the risk of looking indistinct. It’s totally fine to not be the right person or brand for everyone. 

What Can Your Readers or Customer Get From You?

Your About Me page should tell your reader or customer what you can do for them and what problems you’ll continue to solve, consistently and reliably.

What do you aspire to do for your customer or reader? What can they expect from you? There’s a need to share with your audience exactly what you do and why they can rely on you to do it. 

Be secure and confident about what you offer. Be clear from the start. This means you need to define your niche and the boundaries surrounding what you do and don’t offer. In turn, this will only help you create the right impression and develop trust.

Let Some Ideas Brew

I tend to think of an About Me page as a working document. It’ll routinely need updating and reviewing as things progress and move forward. You may want to add some personal information or a story behind your brand, and that’s totally fine.

It’s possible that you’re someone who has to sit on this and come back for a second glance with fresh eyes before hitting publish. You need to feel comfortable with what you’re sharing, so there’s an element of listening to your gut and trusting your instinct. 

I’d say writing an About Me that you want to share takes time. You want it to reflect you, your brand and your audience. Therefore it has to be authentic, genuine and real. 

What’s helped you write an About Me page that you’re proud of?



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