The Best Editing and Preset Apps For Your Instagram Films.

You may have noticed that I’ve a little thing for Instagram filmmaking.

Making short films are a wonderful way of documenting your days and savouring memories. My son loves watching them (only if he makes an exclusive appearance though). They’re also good for repurposing content, or offering a visual account of a blogpost or caption. Mini movies are engaging and can transform your instagram account, allowing you to reach more people and grow your community.

The good news is, little Instagram films aren’t that difficult or time consuming to edit and produce. There’s loads of apps out there to make it as easy as possible for you. I consider there to be 2 steps to putting together a mini movie for Insta – Editing and adding Effects and Filters. 

I use a selection of apps for both. 

Film Editing.

In Shot App.

I’ve been using In Shot for ages. Before making longer films for Instagram, In Shot was my go to editing app for my 15 second day videos (these are available on my Instagram Stories). In Shot’s so easy to use. Just load up your clips and shorten them and move them about until you’re happy. You can then export your video to your camera roll. 

In Shot offers a lot of extras too, like stickers and text. I always add text to the first clip of the video just to add a bit of context. There’s a short tutorial on my IGTV. You can find it here. In Shot also links to your iTunes account, allowing you to add music to your little film. Make sure it’s legal though, and check the copyright. I love fillmmusic for their royalty free options. 


Video Leap comes from Enlight, who offer several apps for sprucing up your photos and Instagram content. Videoleap’s another favourite editing app of mine. Again it’s easy to use – it makes editing a doddle and doesn’t take too long. Alongside all the usual features expected from an editing app (adding music and text, for example), it has the option of adding filters and additional light effects.

Video and Film Filters and Effects.

Much like the editing apps, I certainly have my go to apps for adding definition, filters and light effects to my films. There’s so many to choose from, but once you’ve found what you like, you’ll probably find you’ll use the same few apps. It’s fun to have a play around with different effects. I’m a bit of a fan of a little light leak and I like to see how certain effects transform my mini movies. 


I’ve been using VSCO for my instagram photos for years. It offers what seems like an infinite amount of filters for your photos and films. All you have to do is upload your mini film and find out which filter you like. There’s loads to choose from, especially if you pay for an annual subscription (less than £10 for the year). I find it particularly useful for sharpening my films and add definition. I sometimes add a filter or preset too, usually from the S series. 

Filmm App.

It’s hard to remember when Filmm app didn’t exist. Since its release an editing feature has been added, which I’ve yet to try out. What I like about Filmm is the number and type of effects on offer. Light leaks and dust and grain effects are all yours. There’s about 20 free filters to choose from, even more if you subscribe. It’s easy to navigate too, just upload your video and select an effect form the selection at the bottom of the screen. 

A Color Story.

A Color Story has been around since, like, forever. It’s the filter effects and preset app from A Beautiful Mess. A Coloraturas Story allows you to adjust your films to your preferred colour palette (within reason), meaning your visual content retains the same colour theme. I generally use the effects in the Filter section rather than the Effects tab but it’s good to have a play around. Individual preset packs are available for a few pounds if there’s one that you think you’ll use regularly. Something to note with A Color Story is that all mini movies must be 60 seconds, or under. So if you’re making a clip for IGTV that’s over a minute, you’ll have to use a different app.

There’s plenty of options to choose from when it comes to editing and adding effecting to your videos, these are the ones I always use and I get pretty good results.

You can find my mini films on my Instagram feed and IGTV. If you’re thinking about making some short films or videos for your creative business or Instagram and are wondering if it’s worth it, you may interested in this post. 

Author: plbedford

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