All Change At Penny’s Lane

The look of Penny’s Lane was changed about 6 months ago. I hadn’t planned to do another update, but a lot has happened since then.

From March until mid-April I was mostly stuck at home following a fall in the Beast from the East (that beastly snow!). I had a lot of time on my hands and concluded that I wanted Penny’s Lane to change. There were 2 things that I kept coming back to:

  • To have a total overhaul in terms of branding and how Penny’s Lane looks.
  • To create different content.

Change Penny's Lane Blog New Influencer Branding Redesign Update

In terms of aesthetics, I had in mind a clean, white looking page with hints of grey. I wanted my style of photography on here and on Instagram to become more uniform. I live on the coast and liked the idea of my photos showcasing muted blues, greys and sandy yellows, synonymous with coastal life.

Even though I’d formed an idea of what mood I wanted to express on Penny’s Lane, I wasn’t confident about how I was going to get there. My ideas weren’t fully formed, and I didn’t know what to do first.

I felt lost.

On top of this, I kept asking myself why I wanted to blog and who I was blogging for, but continued to reach a dead end. I had some ideas but knew I was barely scratching the surface. Any change had to be well thought out and planned. I needed to know more about you, my reader, and why I was blogging.

All this thinking highlighted a longstanding dilemma about my content; what should stay and what should go. This was a massive step for me and meant waving goodbye to a topic I’d been writing about from the very beginning. 

All Change At Penny's Lane Blog New Theme Look Update Penny's Branding redesign

Time To Say Goodbye.

For a while, I’ve toyed with the idea of no longer writing about psychology and mental health. On one hand it’s relatively easy. I’ve been a clinical psychologist for so long, it’s pretty much second nature. While I love my job, in the end writing about psychology just felt like more work. Bottom line – I no longer wanted to do it but was reluctant to let go. 

What really pushed the decision was completing the campfire course run by the wonderful Kayte Ferris at Simple and Season. By the end of the first week, it was clear Penny’s Lane was moving in a different direction, and my vision was elsewhere. Kayte’s guidance gave me the confidence to go with it, and I have to say, it felt really good!

Change Penny's Lane Update Blog Branding Redesign

A New Focus and Direction.

So what can you find on Penny’s Lane? 

Thanks to Kayte’s course, I now have 3 areas of content. It’s so good to finally have some focus. Penny’s Lane is about embracing the busy, fast aspects of life as well as cherishing and savouring the slower times, because life’s never one thing, is it? Posts reflecting on experiences, life musings, and moments will continue, reflecting the slower, simpler times. 

All Change At Penny's Lane Redesign New Update Branding Blog Influencer

Naturally, running will continue to feature. I couldn’t have a blog and not write about running. It makes me happy and I want to share that with you. We should also celebrate our achievements and inspire each other. It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking about starting to run a mile, or planning your first marathon or ultra, I’m happy to talk running 24-7!

There will be posts on blogging and instagram. I don’t consider myself an expert but I’m 2 years in and have learnt a few things. People often ask me how to start a blog or how I create certain photos, so it seems right to make space for these here. I hope we can inspire and champion each other to create and share great content. 

The newest category is Coast. I’m Cornish and live in Cornwall. I spend loads of time outdoors, exploring and discovering. Much time is spent on the beach and ambling round small villages and towns. I can’t wait to share these experiences here. Lets face it, coastal living is something to celebrate and I’m more than happy to share the Cornish love.

All Change Penny's Lane Blog Branding redesign Update New Blogger Influencer

I hope you like the new direction and look of Penny’s Lane. I feel excited about what lies ahead, and with excitement and change comes renewed energy.

When I look back to when Penny’s Lane began, I had little direction. I was practically plucking topics to write about out of thin air! It’s been a steep learning curve. In a way it feels like I’ve done things back to front but I’ve finally arrived at the right place.

I’d love to know what you think of the changes made to Penny’s Lane. It feels like it’s been bubbling away for some time so for me, it’s a real accomplishment to see it come to life.


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  • How inspiring!
    I am in the same boat but very new to blogging. I was hoping that you will have some pointers regarding blogging and hey presto, I am glad you are going to share that experience.
    We all need changes so our lives can be fuller. I always remind myself that life is transient and we should savour every day that comes along.
    Best wishes in your new direction. I love Cornwall although I don’t visit enough.

    • Hello! It’s all a bit daunting when you first start blogging. Hand on heart, I felt my way through and t took quite a while to sink in. Some stuff to ages to work out but I got there in the end. Still lots to learn though. I look forward to seeing your blog. xx