Introducing Dream Holiday – A New Seascape Painting

Painting Dream Holiday, the latest acrylic painting, was no hardship.

I was already working on 3 other canvases (watch this space), but was itching to get this one done. I knew I wanted to paint Dream Holiday on the largest canvas I could get in my car (just!). It’s such a wonderful view, it didn’t seem right to have it on a smaller surface.

a hand holding a sash brush in front of a large painted canvas

While I tend to stick to the same palette and range of paint colours, I get quite excited at the thought of using a limited palette. This was the case for my limited edition giclée print, The Moorings After the Night Before. For Dream Holiday, only 5 colours were used: Cobalt Turquoise, Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, Titanium White and Cadmium Red. It helped that the sea and submerged rocks took up all of the canvas, with the yacht being the focal point.

a white yacht painted onto a blue sea on a canvas
Penny Sherwood standing behind her new painting, Dream Holiday

The name for this painting came quite easily too. Sometimes it can take a while (I’ve been known to agonise) but Dream Holiday just popped into my head as I was working my way around the canvas. I think it reminds me of a sailing holiday from my 20s, in the British Virgin Islands. If only we had drone photography then!

You can find more details about Dream Holiday here.

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Author: plbedford

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