Why I Switched To Flodesk

I very recently launched my monthly email, The Great Cornish Outdoors, alongside a free ebook to help you define your brand and build an online community.

These things don’t come easy to me. I spent ages familiarising myself with Mailchimp’s dashboard. Then I came across Flodesk a few weeks before the launch and wish I’d discovered it sooner. 

I signed up within minutes, and despite being on the cusp of an email launch, I switched to Flodesk completely within a week.

Admittedly, I could’ve left things as they were. The automations were all set up, and for me, Mailchimp was free. I decided to switch for several reasons.

Here’s why. 

Word of Mouth

While I came across Flodesk myself, it also came highly recommended by some Instagram friends; it seems everyone’s talking about it. I’ve Anouk to thank for singing its praises and convincing me to give it a go.

I needed a system that worked for me and offered me what I wanted, without eating up my time and adding to the stress. It seemed silly not to go for it. 

Amazing Template Designs

The three main things Flodesk offers are designing a form (this can be a pop up, an embedded opt in form, or full page), designing an email, and configuring a workflow or automated email sequence.

For the emails, there’s currently 28 email templates, including some designed by marketing guru and creative business owner, Jenna Kutcher. If you prefer, you can start from scratch and design your own (which is so straightforward!).

All templates are clean and minimal. There’s the option of adding things like your brand colours, different fonts, and a personalised signature. Whatever you want to put together, Flodesk have made all options accessible and templates super easy to build. Each step takes you naturally to the next, with Flodesk doing all the thinking for you. It’s brilliant! 

Did I Mention How Easy Flodesk Is?

Flodesk is so simple to navigate, I’m putting together emails much quicker than before.

Just to put things into context, I’m no techie. I get twitchy adding plugins to my website, let alone familiarising myself with a new platform. Flodesk pride themselves on their users not having to deal with coding (thank you!). The thought of this brings me out in a cold sweat – so it’s a weight off my shoulders knowing I don’t have to worry about it. Admittedly there’s a little bit but it’s explained clearly and succinctly. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. 

Flodesk have also simplified their system for building forms and emails. Before I’ve found this quite a clunky process. There are 4 menu options, each being self explanatory.

There’s no complicated audience/subscriber system either. Subscribers are added to self-defined Segments so you can keep tabs on who signed up for what, and continue to send them relevant content. There’s no limit to the number of Segments you can have either.

Time wise, I spent ages getting to grips with Mailchimp and putting together two email sequences. These things usually take me longer than most so I was delighted and relieved to have everything ready to go in an evening. I just checked out the Flodesk tutorials and I was away.

You Can Link Your Instagram Account to Flodesk

When you register for Flodesk be sure to add your Instagram account. It allows you to easily include your Instagram feed to your emails meaning your subscribers can see your latest content, and connect with you on another platform. 

No Nonsense Analytics

I quite like checking out stats so I’m happy with how Flodesk have arranged their analytics.

There’s an ‘at a glance’ option when you click on the little graph for each email or workflow. This gives you the option of seeing more detailed information for each campaign, such as how many people opened your email and how many clicked on a link. All useful as you can build a picture of who’s engaging with your marketing strategy. 

Excellent Support

Flodesk is new and additional features and updates will inevitably be added. I requested advice on one thing and got a personal email back, resolving my query. There’s a good Facebook group too, where questions are posed and members of the Flodesk team are on hand to answer. 

Flodesk have also made sure they’ve clear video tutorials on all aspects of their website. If you work better with the written word, help pages are available too. All explanations are jargon free and easy to follow. 

An Easy Migration Process

The thought of migrating everything to Flodesk from Mailchimp made me a bit twitchy. In some respects it would’ve been easier to leave things as they were, even though I would’ve spent more time working out and remembering Mailchimp’s system in the long term.

Switching was so easy. Admittedly I didn’t have loads of different workflows or nurture sequences, but still, it took less time and stress than expected. I’m very grateful for that. 

Affordable – 50% off Link

Flodesk must be good if I’ve switched from a free provider to one with a small subscription fee. The good news is Flodesk is totally affordable and the rate remains the same regardless of how many subscribers you have. Other email providers introduce price hikes after you’ve a certain number of people signed up.

Flodesk keeps the cost down for everyone, meaning you can grow you list reassured that there won’t be further costs in the future. 

If you’re ready to switch to Flodesk and kickstart your email marketing, I’ve a 50% off subscription code for you. With this discount, it’s about $19, or £14 if you’re in the UK. Just click here and start your subscription today. 


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