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This post is in collaboration with Enso London. I wasn’t asked to write this post but the running skirts pictured here are gifted. All opinions are my own.

I’m the proud owner of several running skirts and have been wearing them for years. I find them flattering, and if I’m honest I like to look a bit feminine when running. 

I’ve purchased an Enso London skirt before and was really excited when they released their new range. I was even more excited to be gifted two of their fantastic products to wear while taking on the trails and embarking on some new running adventures. 

But what makes a good running skirt, and why am I so fond of an Enso London running skirt?

Let me tell you more.

Running Skirt Material

Enso skirts are made from soft, lightweight material. It seriously feels like a second skin without being totally binding. Why can’t all running gear be this soft? It’s not just the material that’s silky soft, Enso skirts have proper comfy waistbands. They’re wide, offer good support and have a draw cord to tighten the waist. I find this particularly flattering, especially when it comes to emphasising and supporting your natural shape. Not only that, the Brunate and Bisbino skirts have UVA screens, how clever is that?

Woman Showing Shorts Under Running Skirt

Women showing silicone grip on shorts
The Enso London Bisbino Skirt


I’ve 3 Enso skirts, all with varying length shorts. Regardless of the length, they all stay put. There’s nothing worse that a running skirt with shorts that edge north (believe me, I’ve been there). Thanks to some clever silicone seals, Enso have ensured their shorts behave and stay where they’re meant to. You can relax and run, knowing you won’t be flashing your bum to all and sundry (like I said, believe me, I’ve been there!).

Woman Fastening The Side Of Skirt

Woman fastening side of running skirt
The Enso London Brunate Skirt

A Running Skirt With Adjustable Length

One of Enso’s unique features is that with the Brunate running skirt, you can adjust the length, if you want to. Each skirt has ties on each side, allowing you to ruche the skirt and shorten the length. I like this a lot. While I like a shorter skirt, I want to preserve my modesty. There’s a reason why I don’t wear tight running shorts, they just don’t suit me. It also means you can change your running style anytime you like, depending on how you feel. Even when you tie the sides as high as possible, you’re still covered front and back. 

Woman Putting Phone Into Pocket on Running Skirt

Phone Pocket and Earphone Loop

When it comes to really thinking about when people want from a running skirt, there’s no doubt that Enso have seriously covered all angles. Their skirts boast loads of pockets, with each Brunate skirt having 2 zipped pockets (one front and back) as well as additional pouches on each side. This skirt has 7 pockets in total – no excuses for not taking enough fuel on your runs!

Alongside all the pockets comes a concealed phone compartment. My iPhone fits just right and it doesn’t fall out. If you use wired headphones there’s a gap in the shorts for this too, allowing you to thread the wire under the skirt and your top. Personally, I can’t stand bouncing wires so I’m thankful for this feature. 


Running gear and kit can add up. Some items can be expensive but Enso London products are affordable and durable. The Brunate skirt retails for £36 and the Bisbono for £32. I bought my first Enso London running skirt years ago and it’s still going strong. Enso offer pretty patterns and colourful skirts too. I try and stay away from black as much as possible but sometimes there’s no other option. Thanks to Enso you can run and feel feminine (if you want to)!

Running Skirt – Special Offer

The lovely Karina and her Enso team have a special offer, just for you. If you use the code PENNYSLANE at the online checkout, you’ll bag free UK P&P.

Now if that’s not a reason for an early Christmas treat, I don’t know what is.

Woman in Enso Skirt Running Vest smiling

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