An Autumn Stroll at Idless Woods

With autumn half term in full swing, we opted for a mystical woodland walk at Idless.

Idless woods, near Truro, is a bit of a hidden gem. Not because it’s a big secret amongst locals and Cornish residents. Rather, because it lies just outside of our city, it’s certainly the last place I’d expect to find woodland.

a wide path with brown leaves on it with overarching trees and woodlland
a women standing on a forest path at Idless woods in a mac, holding a hat

Even so, despite it being relatively close to where I live, I’m pretty sure I’d never been before. When it comes to woodland walks, I’ve generally stuck to Kings Wood, next to the Pentewan trail in St Austell, or headed to Cardinham Woods, near Bodmin. Seems crazy really, especially as Idless Woods is easy to get to.

In fact, Idless village (or is it a hamlet?), is pretty. Sweet, individual houses, with plenty of character, occasionally line to road to Idless. They give all the cute, Hansel and Gretel vibes. In hindsight, I wish I’d stopped along the way to take a few photos to share with you.

A Bit of Info About Idless Woods

You’ll find Idless Woods off the back roads, north of Truro. It’s made up of Bishop’s, Lady’s and St Clement’s Wood, and some of Lord’s Wood, but is referred to collectively as Idless. To find the car park, pop TR4 9QS in your satnav and take the turning for the Woodman’s Cabin.

Idless Woods is dog friendly and is maintained by Forestry England. You can cycle here too. As for size, Idless Woods is just under 3 miles in length, offering mixed woodland and multiple, linked paths. For me, this is Sunday stroll heaven, as it’s possible that no 2 walks need to be the same.

a russet path with fallen leaves and tall trees on one side at Idless Woods

What to Expect and Find

We only had a short walk on this occasion. The rain started coming down heavily, and while we were sheltered in the trees, we decided to head back to the car.

As you’d expect from any woodland or forest, wildlife thrives here. There’s pockets of water along the way, and structures people have made and left for others to enjoy. In fact, we’d only just left the car and found a shelter made from wood.

We may not have walked the whole length of Idless Woods but I was taken by its beauty. We found dense, dark areas of woodland, going from a wide, open path to something more hidden, secluded, and serene. Trees loomed over our heads and I felt like I was in a fairytale, or a scene from Lord of the Rings.

Evergreen trees stood tall and proud, showing off their rich foliage. Cool greens against the rich, warm carpet of leaves that lay before us. Autumn colours are so bright and vibrant; this turn in season is nothing short of beautiful. When we walked off the main path onto smaller trails, we often found a carpet of russet, gamboge leaves, begging to be photographed.

Idless woods Truro dark trees and golden path

There’s also a bit of history attached to Idless Woods. Along your walk, you may stumble upon the remains of a gunpowder works and an Iron Age fort. There’s also a rope swing at the end, who can say no to that?

If you’re interested in finding more derelict buildings and gunpowder mills amongst Cornish woodland, I’d recommend a trip to Kennall Vale Nature Reserve.

Once you’ve finished your walk, get cosy with a coffee or hot chocolate at the Woodman’s Cabin, next to the car park.

Have you been to Idless Woods? Or do you have another favourite place to go, or green space, that feels just as magical?

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