How To Achieve Great Instagram Engagement When You’re Busy.

Blogging and increasing engagement on Instagram can be quite time consuming, can’t it? I enjoy coming up with ideas, creating new content and sharing posts. I particularly love the happy place that is Instagram. Considerable work, time and nurture goes into both; I believe if you blog, it pays to have an Instagram account. It’s important especially if you want to maintain good engagement, increase your presence and audience. Life doesn’t always allow for it though.

Blogging and having an online presence involves thinking 3 steps ahead. Not only are there posts to draft and edit, there are photos to sort, and an Instagram account to stay on top of. This is all alongside working, parenting and having a life. Sometimes there’s just not enough time and I feel like my head’s going to explode. I particularly struggled in the Summer holidays when free time was scarce and had to think creatively about how to remain engaged on Instagram and plug away at my blog.

Here are 5 quick tips I find helpful for remaining connected and engaged online when time or inspiration are limited. 

How To Achieve Great Instagram Engagement When You're Busy Tips Audience Growth Blogging Time

Connect and Engage.

Any psychologist worth their salt (ahem) will tell you that relationships are the most important thing. Social media’s no different, with authentic engagement and interaction being essential for presence and growth. Consistency is key with daily posting on Instagram being the way to go.

There are other things too…

It’s important to be real and human, your caption matters. Let people know your thoughts, views, and happy times. Instagram is great for this and I always make the time to scroll, like, comment and engage. I always stay on Instagram after posting and hop on periodically throughout the day too. If I can’t blog I may write a micro post as my caption. These usually prompt conversations and engagement, and future blogpost ideas. When it comes to Instagram, you have to turn up to the party and make yourself known.

If I’ve no photo to share or even less time than usual, I may spend 10 minutes, 4 or 5 times a day, may be more, scrolling through my feed, liking, commenting and authentically engaging. You can still be present even if you’re unable to post.

This has been made easier of course with Instagram stories, which is a great way of staying present and engaged. If nothing else, I usually try and keep this ticking over. I mean, who doesn’t love a nose into someone else’s life or having a behind the scenes peek of you working on your blog or taking photos?

Which leads seamlessly to…

Increase Your Stock (photos, that is).

If you want to stay on top of your blog and post consistently on Instagram, planning is required. Aside from writing posts, photos are needed and you can never have too many stock photos. Organising a quick photo sesh at home doesn’t take long once you’ve gathered your props. These are super useful for future blogposts but you’ll also need endless pics for daily Instagram posts. The beauty is you don’t have to use them all at once.

The same applies for when you’re out and about. I take my camera with me most of the time. Failing that, I use my phone. If you see something that looks good, just shoot it. My camera roll is full of flatlays, the Cornish coastline, running selfies, and my hand fondling a cup of tea. I may not use them all, but they’re there.

How To Achieve Great Instagram Engagement When Busy Tips Audience Growth Blogging Strategy

Reuse and Recycle Content.

Every blogpost doesn’t have to be brand spanking new. If you’ve old posts that no longer get much traffic, use them and bring them back to life. Having evergreen content that you can repurpose will save you time and will take the pressure off when it’s hard to think of something new. You may be able to offer more up to date information, or take one or two points from an archive post and repurpose into a blogpost of it’s own. New photos and headings also spruce up archive content, and lets face it, there’ll be many people who didn’t see it the first time around. 

BrandItGirl offers a really good blogpost why you should repurpose your content. you can find it here. 

Repurposing is great for Instagram photos too. Cropping is a wonderful thing and if I’m a bit stuck, I find a scroll through my camera roll often reveals a hidden gem I can play around with.

Comment and Connect on Blogposts.

Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and read some blogposts. I like to spend a few minutes having a good dig around some of my favs and leave comments. It’s another way of engaging and remaining connected. My rule is if I’ve time to scroll mindlessly on my phone, I’ve time to do something more focussed. I know I value comments when they’re made on my blog, and I’m pretty sure the feeling’s mutual. 

How To Achieve Great Instagram Engagement When Busy Audience Growth Blogging Tips Presence Online


Having a quick nose on Pinterest is no hardship is it? Sure, you can pin what comes up on your homepage but you can also look for inspiration and ideas. I have two designated boards solely for instagram ideas. My latest interest is coffee shop culture, particularly the more editorial shots. Sometimes when I’m a bit stuck and need a shot of creativity, Pinterest is always my first port of call. 

There’s nothing stopping you making up a new pin of a previous blogpost either. Think of a new heading, add a fresh new feature photo and repurpose it on Pinterest. Just think of the new traffic and readers it’ll bring.


Sometimes a break does us all good, and if we stress about not being able to post and put pressure on ourselves, it kind of takes away the enjoyment. Instagram and blogging shouldn’t feel like a burden.

What do you do when time isn’t on your side? Do you leave it, do a bit, or try and keep the momentum going?

Photos (bar the middle one!) by Emily Price and Mayn Creative.

Jumper – Next (past season).

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  • These are very helpful tips! Thank you for sharing. IG has quickly become my favorite social media platform, if you will, and I agree that it is important to staying connected.