5 Instagram Hashtag Projects to Boost Engagement and Creativity

I became aware of Instagram hashtag projects earlier this year when I saw Xanthe Be’s #colourcolourlover challenge hitting my feed. I then heard, via Sara Tasker’s podcast, about Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project (#whp) which renews itself every Friday with a new suffix. 

What Is A Hashtag Project

Hashtag projects happen on Instagram, and loads of accounts run them.

Each of these Instagram accounts will have their own hashtag, which they started themselves. The hashtag project involves using this hashtag, usually with a suffix on the end, such as #whp_flight, for example. The suffix changes regularly. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the account.

The Benefits of Joining in with a Hashtag Project

Hashtag projects are great fun. They get the creative juices flowing and encourage me to think outside the box. There’s a community aspect to them as well. Using a new hashtag and taking on a challenge is a super way of meeting people on Instagram and discovering accounts that may have otherwise passed you by. 

By taking on a hashtag project, it’s possible that a bigger accounts may feature your image or you may be entered into a competition. Most of all, they’re a bit of fun. I just like joining in.

We’re all visual story tellers on Instagram, so why not give it a bash? There’s something for everyone. 

Here are 5 Instagram hashtag projects I use regularly.

So Good In Every Way (#sgiew_).

I learnt about So Good In Every Way’s hashtag from Flow magazine. I was delighted to find it and immediately knew I’d be keeping tabs on each theme as it’s announced. 

While #sgiew is a stand alone hashtag, Ali (@incredibusy) and Gina (@willowdaygram) who curate So Good have a themed hashtag which changes on a regular basis. At the moment it’s #sgiew_FLOURISH so expect to see little squares awash with florals and blossoms.

Although it doesn’t have to be about that, does it? We flourish and blossom as people, and the hashtag represents these moments too.

Instagram Hashtag Project Challenge Creatives Creativity Engagement Following Photo

That Scandinavian Feeling

When I first used #thatscandinavianfeeling, I wasn’t aware it was linked to a potential feature from @ingrid_opstad who introduced this lovely hashtag.

That Scandinavian feeling is connected to Ingrid’s Scandinavian roots. It’s a mix of cosiness and calm. It’s resonant of warm and inviting atmospheres, coupled with feelings of freshness. You’ll see characteristics of minimalism and simplicity, with a focus on the little things in life.

Ingrid wants to encourage others to share how they find that Scandinavian feeling, wherever they are in the world. The hashtag has over 3,000 images so far and is a friendly community of like minded people.

If you use #thatscandinavianfeeling there’s a chance your image could be showcased in Ingrid’s monthly blogpost. If chosen, you’ll be asked to write a few sentences about the image and what that Scandinavian feeling means to you. It’s a nice, personal touch.

Instagram Hashtag Project Challenge Photo Creative Engagement Boost Following Community Photo Challenge

My Happy Views

#myhappyviews comes from Lucy (@tiredfromwhitstable). I stumbled across this hashtag as well, and again, didn’t know it would lead to an Instagram feature. It’s a strong, vibrant community, with the my happy views having a respectful 40k images so far. 

The touching story behind my happy views is that Lucy started the hashtag during a difficult period in her life and it became source of happiness and joy. Lucy wants to promote happiness in others and has created a space to share what makes us all happy.

The images from my happy views are characterised by lots of smiles and colour. It’s uplifting and there’s something cheery for everyone. 

How nice is that? 

Instagram Hashtag Projects Encourage Engagement Creativity Boost Following Popular Photo Challenge

Object Project

Whalar’s (@whalar) hashtag challenge changes weekly. #objectproject_windows has just finished and I’m awaiting for the next instalment. Previous efforts include boots, car and coffee. The winning shot receives a feature on the Whalar instagram page, and a summary of the best images is offered in a blogpost.

I like the idea of shooting objects from different perspectives. By changing the hashtag weekly, it kind of keeps me on my toes. Everyone interprets these hashtags in their own way and I love seeing how other people’s minds work and how their photos fits with their own individual style.

Instagram Hashtag Projects Boost Following Engagement Creativity Photo Challenge

It’s My Week

Like Whalar, It’s My Week (@its_my_week) offers a completely new weekly hashtag. They all start with #aweekof with a lovely suffix to explore every 7 days. We’re coming to the end of #myweekofmysteryandmagic and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Check out their instagram feed, there are some truly wonderful photos to look at – a feast for the eyes!

Instagram Hashtag Projects Engagement Boost Creativity Photo Challenge Following

So there are my 5 Instagram hashtag projects of the moment. Of course it’s not just about taking a photo and popping it on your Instagram. I like to make sure the hashtag works with my feed, and then there’s the engagement side of each challenge. Talk to others about their photos and captions; there’s some very talented people out there and we can all inspire each other.

What’s your go-to hashtag challenge? Have you ever had a feature? Or are you thinking about starting your own? I know I am, it’s just a case of finding the right one.

Pen x

If you’re interested in exploring other hashtag projects, here are another 6 Instagram Hashtag Challenges for you.

Alternatively, The Great Cornish Outdoors has an Instagram feature account, and the hashtag remains the same.


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  • Thank you so much for including my hashtag project #thatscandinavianfeeling in this great post! It is so nice to discover new and inspiring projects to use, I already knew about the Instagram weekend project but the rest was new to me.

    Ingrid | thatscandinavianfeeling.com

    • Hi Ingrid, you’re welcome. It’s a wonderful hashtag to include in the feed. Long may it continue!