Local Gin Review: Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom Gin from Drink Finder

a bottle of cornish gin being held up on the beach

About Drink Finder

Drink Finder is an online store, helping us stock up with quality wines and spirits. They are long standing experts and have been serving alcohol online since 1999.

The bricks and mortar store is the well known Constantine Stores, near Falmouth. It’s an impressive village shop which is basically an Aladdin’s Cave of fine wines and spirits. You honestly wouldn’t believe it! Drink Finder is the online store with over 7000 alcoholic drinks on offer. These range from well known spirits to rare varieties from all around the world.

With an excellent reputation and consistent customer loyalty, Drink Finder offer top notch customer service and guidance. They are happy to guide and advise based on your preferences, taste and budget whether you’re wanting Cornish gin, or a rare collectors’ spirit.

I was delighted to review their own crafted gin, Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom Gin.

A bottle of Penny Drop Cornish Gin on the beach by grass

The Story of Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom Gin

Old Tom gin is a bit different to the Dry London gin we’re more familiar with.

And, what’s with the curious name? Sadly, I cannot claim it is named after me.

Instead, the name Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom gin comes from the illegal activities that started after the government levied a tax on gin in 1736. People wanting a sneaky shot of gin would seek out buildings with a cat sign and drop a penny in a slot. Only when the penny dropped would a shot of gin be poured down a lead pipe.

a sliced lemon on a chopping board with a knife and a stripey tea towel

It’s Cornish Gin O’Clock

Thankfully things have moved on since 1736 and we can drink gin in the comfort of our own homes. After a belated Mother’s Day lunch, me and my mum, Carol, enjoyed a cheeky gin and tonic at her fisherman’s cottage on The Roseland.

A full bottle Penny Drop Old Cornish Tom Gin in front of a tiled wall on a chopping board with a sliced lemon

I was curious about the taste of Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom gin. Having read about it, I know Old Tom gin contains less botanicals than Dry London gin. It’s also slightly sweeter. I’m impressed that many of the botanicals used are sourced locally, where possible. The seabuckthorn berries used are harvested in Cornwall and it’s slightly sweetened with honey from Polwheveal, Constantine!

a bottle of Penny Drop Old Cornish Tom Gin being poured into a glass with a slice of lemon

Only the finest hand picked botanicals are used to make Penny Drop Old Cornish Tom gin. These include juniper berries (of course), cassia bark, black pepper and coriander seeds. The best way to serve Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom gin is with Indian tonic water, and I couldn’t resist a slice of lemon. Me and mum both commented on how refreshing and light it is; very easy to drink. In fact, Penny Drop gin is perfect for slow, easy drinking in the evening, or in our case, after a meal. I guess it was a delayed aperitif!

a gin and tonic in a glass on a wooden table with a vase of flowers and a bowl of satsumas
Penny Sherwood with a glass og gin in her hand standing against a white wall

For me, gin and tonic is a leisurely drink, a tipple I have when out with friends. Simply sipping Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom gin took me back to summer evenings on the beach with a BBQ, or lazing in my friends garden, where girly catch ups and laughter happens. Those are always some of the best times.

You can order Penny Drop Old Cornish gin direct from Drink Finder, either online or over the phone.

Drink Finder kindly sent me a bottle of Penny Drop Cornish Old Tom gin as a gift to write this review. Opinions are my own, we love this Cornish ginCheers Tom!

You can find out more about making your own non alcoholic beverage using Cornish elderflower in this post.

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