A Perfect, Slow Sunday

It seems the older I get the fewer opportunities there are to make the most of lazy Sunday mornings and engage in some slow living.

Even on child free Sundays, there always something to do. Sometimes it pays to press pause and take advantage of not having to be anywhere or do anything for a few hours. There’s something quite satisfying about being snuggled up under my warm duvet, in no rush to go anywhere. 

We all have our own way of savouring the few empty hours. My list is short but these are my essentials that make for the prefect slow Sunday.

Perfect Slow Sundays Easy Sunday Breakfast In Bed Coffee Tea Slow Living

Breakfast of Champions

For me, a slow Sunday is about breakfast in bed. I went through a phase of posting a Sunday morning “on the bed” Instagram post to reflect the slowness of Sunday mornings.

For me, brekkie in bed is mostly what’s about. Now, there are certain things I don’t feel I can eat in bed, such as a full on fry up (but maybe I should get one of those trays with legs) so it usually comes down to grain free, homemade bagels with a multitude of toppings. I’m talking nut butter, banana, avocado, parma ham, even a bit of jam. Delicious, although not all at the same time.

Book worm

I usually spend some time engaging on Instagram on a Sunday morning. Once that’s done I put my phone to one side and settle with a book. Time flies when I’m completely entranced in a story. I used to throw on some clothes and grab the Sunday paper but those days are long gone. I just don’t want to move from the comfort of my bed. 

Perfect Slow Sundays Easy Sunday Weekend Breakfast in Bed Slow Living Coffee Tea


I’m an avid tea fan but come the weekend, I’m all about the coffee which has to be fresh (there’s no instant in this house) and strong, crowned with a massively dollop of extra thick double cream. (Trust me, it’s the best). I do give in and get out of bed for a refill. 


I like to spend some time thinking about the week ahead and scheduling what’s to come. About a year ago I discovered bullet journaling, and a small amount of time is spent on Sundays organising the rest of my week. This includes food planning (ok, I’m totally rubbish at this), noting any work deadlines as well as setting reminders for other stuff. It doesn’t take long and it ensures the rest of the week, and day, runs as smoothly as possible. 

Perfect Slow Sundays Easy Sunday Breakfast in Bed Slow Living

Go With The Sunday Flow

Despite my need for a slow morning and savouring a few extra hours in bed, I’m not one for lolling around all morning. I’m a morning gal, and once a few hours have passed, I’m pretty much ready to rock and roll. What I do from here depends on my mood. I may run or housework may beckon. There’s always time for another coffee though. 

Do you have a slow Sunday ritual, or a weekend routine that sets you up for the rest of the week? Lets face it, a Sunday well spent means a week of content. If only all mornings could be a bit like Sunday. 

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  • That sounds absolutely lovely and similar to my preferred Sundays, though I do not have breakfast in bed ?. There is just something special about not having to jump out of bed straight away, especially now in the cold season. I usually also first take my phone to check instagram and messages and then listen to some music…reading usually comes after I will have had some breakfast ?. I also wish that more mornings could start like a Sunday…but then probably it would not be that special anymore…?
    With love

    • Hi Natalia, this sounds like a perfect start to Sunday. I try and refrain from looking at my phone too early but I usually fail. You’re right, it does feel special not having to get going first thing. x