What’s New At Philleigh Way Cookery School?

Philleigh Way Cookery School Sign Above Eggs for Sale

Philleigh is a small village in the heart of the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall.

The location of Philleigh Way Cookery school couldn’t be more idyllic. Set on farmland in a renovated farmhouse, it offers peace and quiet. All you can hear is the chorus of bleating sheep and tweeting birds.

Philleigh Way Cookery School has been a stalwart on The Roseland for several years.

It’s built a reputation for offering excellent beginner and skilled cookery courses, and the best in food experiences. With George, the original owner, moving on to new adventures, Rupert Cooper, has taken the helm of the cookery school.

Rupert moved to Cornwall about 3 years ago with his Cornish wife. He decided to take on Philleigh Way following his retirement from professional rugby. 

I couldn’t wait to hear Rupert’s plans for the cookery school at the meet and greet launch. 

Rupert Cooper at Philleigh Way Cookery School

What’s On Offer At Philleigh Way Cookery School?

Cooking Courses

Rupert has a clear vision for the cookery school. New courses have been added alongside Philleigh Way Cookery School faithfuls, such as Italian cookery, bread making and Pasties and cream. There’s now a foraging course, Indian cookery course, and South East Asian cookery.

Rupert’s made good connections with local businesses too meaning Philleigh Way is able to offer niche collaborations. These include the Duchy Charcuterie course, for those who are up for a bit of butchering and curing, and the Cornish Wine experience. Here you can prepare a 3 course meal and then embark on an afternoon of wine tasting. You don’t need to worry about getting home either, even the transport’s sorted. 

Aga in a Country Kitchen

 Woodfired Sessions

I was delighted to hear the Woodfired sessions are back for the summer. 

I’ve mentioned the Philleigh Way feast nights before and think they’re a brilliant way of bringing people together and celebrating excellent, Cornish fare.

The woodfired sessions are about good food, as well as bringing people together to celebrate local delicacies in a wonderful location. There’s 3 sessions to choose from, Kig (meat), Krogen (shellfish) and Pysk (fish) and the dates are available here.

Given that such experiences are more popular than ever, and hearing Rupert’s vision for Philleigh Way cookery school, I’d sign up now. I’m booking my place ASAP. 

Spice Rack
Pasta machines on a Window Sill

Coffee Time

It was music to my ears when Rupert said he intends on offering a coffee shop within Philleigh Way Cookery School.

We have some excellent coffee places on The Roseland but they’re few and far between, and I’m a lady who likes choice. 

An additional selling point is that Philleigh Way Cookery school is an excellent location for those who work remotely. Despite some parts of The Roseland being unable to get full-on epic wifi, I have it on good authority that Rupert has this sorted. 

Supper Club

Much like the woodfired sessions, the Philleigh Way Supper Club is up and running and the dates are available online. So far there’s Mother’s Day (which I would totally go to if I didn’t have to spend the day travelling) and the Big Bank Holiday Breakfast in May.

The menus looks amazing with enough local food to sink a battleship. At the launch, Rupert uttered the words, “bottomless bucks fizz and coffee”.  I’ve checked the website and it’s true! Book you place now and make a date for a fun and satisfying breakfast. 

Hob with plant bowl of fruit

Aside from all of the above, Philleigh Way Cookery School is available for corporate events, weddings and private catering.

In fact, there seems no end to Rupert’s plans.

It’s clear that Philleigh Way Cookery school has been passed from one safe pair of hands to another. How wonderful to be able to offer space for people to come together, make conversation, and enjoy quality, Cornish food. 

Who doesn’t want some of that? 

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