7 Super Podcasts for Creatives

I love a good podcast for creatives, and there are plenty out there to choose from.

While I listen to podcasts from all sorts of genres, I’ve a particular fondness for podcasts for creatives. I’ve learnt so much about creativity, branding and personal growth from listening to podcasts. The best bit is, I can listen on the go.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for creatives for over a year, so I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourites with you. While they all have their own personality and format, all 7 podcasts mentioned here offer pearls of wisdom and reflections on all aspects of developing and growing a creative business. This includes things like growing your Instagram, preparing for your first launch, and offering ideas for a marketing strategy that works. It’s not just the advice I like though. I find them empowering too, as they generally promote a ‘do what’s best for you’ ethos.

I hope you enjoy!

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Letters From A Hopeful Creative

When 2 highly respected people, in this case Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington, join forces for a podcast, you know it’s going to be a winner.

Each week Sara and Jen take a letter from a creative business owner who has a certain dilemma or query. They unpick, debate and reflect on what might be going on for them, and the possible courses of action. This can be anything from tackling Imposter Syndrome, what to do when someone copies your work, or knowing how much to share on Instagram. All topics are relevant, to the point where I sometimes think they must’ve read my mind.

Even though Sara and Jen offer excellent and sensible advice, they also share their own perspectives, experiences, and stories. I find Letters to be a reflective and thoughtful podcast. Listeners are encouraged to go with their gut and do what feels right for their business. There’s an emphasis too on focusing on yourself and where you are, rather than wasting time worrying about what others are doing and thinking.

See, they know what they’re talking about!

Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic is Sara Tasker’s solo podcast. Like Letters From A Hopeful Creative, I’ve listened to every episode of Hashtag too. While there are a few Q & A episodes with Sara on her own, most are interviews or chats with other entrepreneurs.

By interviewing different creative business owners from all walks of life, Sara covers a broad range of topics. This in itself is valuable as no two routes are the same and it’s inspiring and thought provoking. Sara’s guests specialise in all areas of creative business too. Their niches vary considerably, which shows how applicable and transferable the advice is. As ever, Sara remains  grounded in her advice and thoughts.

There really isn’t anything she can’t do, is there?

It Started With A Click

Cornwall based photographer, Olivia Bossert’s podcast is aimed at photographers. She covers various aspects of business growth and development, partly coming from her own experiences of developing working relationships with, and shooting for some big brands.

Now, I’m no pro photographer but that didn’t put me off listening to Olivia’s calming, gentle voice. I find much of her advice can be translated or used for other creative souls who are looking to grow their business and spread their wings. Her podcast episode on pitching to clients is certainly worth a listen.

Grow With Soul

I was delighted when Kayte Ferris announced she was going to start a podcast for creatives. She’s another reliable source of information when it comes to marketing and branding, and I’m a regular reader of her blog.

Kayte’s business approach is about slow and steady growth, and how this fits hand in hand with the fulfilment achieved from starting a creative business. She’s incredibly relaxing to listen to and I find her viewpoints to be well thought out. Kayte focuses on branding and marketing essentials, like defining your brand values, and she also welcomes guests to share their stories. I particularly like her live coaching sessions, well worth a listen.

Shoot, Edit, Chat, Repeat

Much like It Started With A Click, Shoot, Edit, Chat, Repeat is a photography based podcast. It aims to help photographers build their businesses through online marketing and branding. They also cover sticky subjects that others steer clear of, like pricing.

I think the advice and experience shared here can definitely be applied to most creative businesses, which is one reason I like it so much. Presenters, Vicki Knights and Eddie Judge, are experienced photographers and they start each episode with a catch up. It really feels like you’re sitting with them, coffee in hand.

They discuss relevant topics with other photographers, like the importance of marketing your business the right way and how to have a knock out website, for example. I find it compulsive listening and I don’t have a photography business. I’ve applied some of the principles and advice discussed to my website and Instagram, so it has a purpose for all creatives, not just photographers.

A Drink With James

I LOVE this podcast. James Nord from Fohr offers weekly episodes, sharing his views on all aspects of Instagram and Influencer marketing.

What I love the most is James’ straight talking and ‘reality check’ approach. He’s dry and swears quite a bit too. Mention the algorithm and he can’t stand it. As far as James is concerned, if your engagement has dropped, you need to stop being lazy and up your game.

It’s his honest, to the point advice and insight that I value the most. He’s also manages to deliver each episode with a cool whiskey/cocktail/champagne in his hand. I mean, I don’t think he can get any cooler.


I’ve mentioned Australian, Steph Taylor before, on my Instagram. It’s no surprise then that I’m a regular listener to her podcast, Socialette. Her intro music is appropriately a bit Kylie-esque and I can’t resist doing a little jig when it comes on.

Unlike the other podcasts for creatives shared here, Steph’s episodes are very short. Most of them are under 10 minutes so I know Steph’s going to stay on topic and does what she says on the tin (or in the title). Her delivery is friendly, positive and happy. She covers all aspects of creative business from starting and growing your email list to sharing marketing strategies for Instagram.

She covers everything. Very quickly.

So there are my top 7 podcasts for creatives. To be honest, I could’ve popped a few more in but I think I’ll share them for another time.

Are you a podcast fan? When it comes to podcasts for creatives, who do you listen to?

Happy listening,

Pen x.

Photos taken by Emily At Mayn Creative.


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