Pub Walks in Cornwall: Pandora Inn & Mylor Creek

The Pandora Inn, at Mylor, is widely known in Cornwall. Not only does it have a good reputation for food but it’s position on the edge of Restronguet Creek offers an extra selling point. Personally, I love the pontoon, where you can sit in the sunshine and lazily enjoy a drink. It also means you can arrive by boat. (I’ve done this before and recommend it.)

Pandora Inn in Cornwall with a picnic table outside

At high tide, the pontoon is the perfect spot for crabbing. Children love it and it’s a wonderful way to keep them occupied while waiting for food. We’ve had several successful crabbing experiences here. Just remember your bucket and bait.

On a quiet Monday morning, myself and my lovely friend, Stephie, decided to meet at the Pandora Inn. She recommended a circular pub walk around Mylor Creek. It’s such a gem that I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Pandora Inn at Mylor

In fact, pub walks in Cornwall is a topic I’ve thought about doing a series on for a long time. I think they’re perfect weekend ventures, especially on a Sunday when there’s a roast dinner involved!

We met early and decided to top ourselves up with coffee before we walked from the Pandora Inn. Given the wet weather we’ve had throughout early Spring, we were fortunate that it ended up being a glorious day for being in the great Cornish outdoors.

Mylor Creek in Cornwall with land over the water and trees

Mylor Creek walk

Starting from the Pandora Inn, Stephie directed us away from the road. We started to walk alongside some houses that overlook Mylor Creek. What a fabulous position! I would be very happy in one of these houses.

The views are beautiful all the way round but here we could look across the water and see the Roseland Peninsula, specifically, St Just in Roseland and Messack Point. With the sun seeping through the clouds, the water looked bright opaque blue. With this light, the white boats on the water seemed brighter than ever.

pink camellia bush overlooking the Mylor Creek in the sunshine
the side of a house with white flowers along the path, that leads to a beach
a small shingle beach near the Pandora Inn

It wasn’t long before we came to a small shingle beach or cove. Now, this would be an excellent swimming spot as it’s sheltered and quiet. I tend to find the water along Mylor Creek and Carrick Roads to be crystal clear too. It makes even more inviting, despite the chill.

A distant view of The Roseland Peninsula

Myself and Stephie didn’t stop for long on this beach but we sat and watched the water at Greenwood Quay. This is a simple concrete square rather than an typical quay, a bit like Roundwood Quay at Riverbank Woods, near Trelissick. We were here quite a while, taking photos (Stephie) and eating crisps (me) 😄.

The village of Mylor is almost split into 2 by Mylor Creek. It converges where the creek ends, with most of the houses and village being on the other side of the water.

Again, the views here are gorgeous. Across the creek I could appreciate Mylor, which is well known for its sailing community. It has its own sailing club and some great places to eat. Looking out from the quay, there were so many boats between us and Mylor. With a breeze in the air we could literally hear the distinctive sound of the wind through the sails.

a small boat wreck on the side of the creek at Mylor

Mylor village

From Greenwood Quay, we took the footpath across fields. We could see the impressive waterside houses through the trees. Although our route was fine, we noticed that access inland, via a public footpath has now been cut off. Such a shame.

a rowing boat moored up near a creek

Walking into Mylor, I was delighted to see a book stall. I bagged a James Patterson for a pound. I was pleased to see that Mylor has retained some of it’s authentic charm amongst the larger, contemporary builds. Some cute cottages with porches and climbers remain along the roadside and the original water pump is still in situ.

From Mylor it’s a lengthy uphill walk before meeting the crossroads. We enjoyed the downhill approach to the Pandora Inn. I was amazed to see that it was 2pm – coffee started at about 10:30 so we had been out for quite a while!

Sometimes it’s good to ditch life’s to-do list, spend time in nature with friends. By the time I got home, I felt revived, recharged and ready to return to work the next day.

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