7 Seriously Heavenly Miles from Sennen Cove

Whoa, if a certain famous lager company did running routes, this one would definitely be up there. Countryside, tick. Coast path running, ticking. Stopping for a swim, tick. Let’s go!

fields with a sea view near Sennen Cove

Sometimes hopping in the car to run in a different part of Cornwall, like Sennen Cove, takes longer than the run itself. While new running routes bring new adventures and discoveries, there are some that fall into the “epically beautiful” category. This route, from Sennen, taking in Nanjizal Beach and Land’s End, is one of those.

At 7 miles, this looped running route covers Cornish countryside, before cutting across to postcard perfect Nanjizal, or Mill Bay. On the way back to Sennen comes Land’s End, Britain’s most south westerly point.

Let’s waste no time in checking out this stunner of a coastal run. I picked a corker of a day for it too! There’s a Strava link you can save and a map (below).

Curved sand at Sennen Cove with houses and greenery

Starting at Sennen Cove

The main motivation for this particular running route was to finally see Nanjizal Beach and take a dip by the Song of the Sea. However there is no parking near here. The options are Land’s End (qute pricey in peak season) or Sennen Cove. I opted for the latter. I’d recommend downloading the parking app. There’s not much 4G on this route and with the run taking longer than expected (may have had one or 2 wrong turns!), I was lucky not to get a ticket.

a row of rooftops overlooking the sea at Sennen Cove
Whitesand Bay at Sennen with a house overlooking the sea

Sennen Cove is a sweet little place, I really like it here. It’s sleepy and feels traditionally Cornish. There’s a coffee shop and a pub here. Plus, there’s a cute gallery housed in an old round building near the harbour. I’d recommend a peek.

The start of this run heads along the seafront from the car park. I took a cut through – a wide and obvious public footpath that leads between some houses and the south west coastpath. This naturally led me out of Sennen Cove, offering elevated views of Whitesand Bay 😍.

It’s a bit of a zig zag path here and once at the top, I went the wrong way (the first of many!). Once away from the houses, the was on my right. I really enjoyed this bit of the run – progressing across the fields at a steady pace with the sea in view. Beautiful!

a large white house with a wall and lots of green land
a collection of trees in the middle of a field with vegetation

To Trevescan and Trevilley

Heading across the fields was simply glorious in the winter sun. The first stop or place on the map to note is Trevescan. To get here, you eventually meet the road form the fields, which lead to this Cornish hamlet. The footpath from here to Trevilley is a bit hidden. It’s next to a bus stop and had a check a few times that I had got it right. It lead across someone’s driveway so I felt like I was trespassing but it’s the right way to go!

There are a few more fields to run or walk across from Trevescan followed by navigating the farm at Trevilley. I couldn’t help but appreciate the Cornish countryside that surrounded me.

a field with crops growing and a yellow field in the background

Finding Nanjizal Beach

Beyond Trevilley, I found the south west coast path and public footpath signage to be a bit poor. After passing through the final field, I continued straight on, heading for the sea. While you can get to Nanjizal this way, this was a training run for me. I had to do the miles. I retraced my steps and took a turning in the path that headed downhill and then up some steps.

the sea on the cornish coast and dark brown hedging

Heading to Higher Bosistow, I stopped more times that I care to remember, wondering where I should be going. Or rather, which field to take. Thankfully, oncoming hikers offered the clue but much time was wasted here. Once over the fields and onto a wide path at Higher Bosistow, I was finally on the south west coast path at Carn Lês Boel. Nanjizal Beach wasn’t far away.

bright blue sea and the coastline at Nanjizal Beach, Cornwall
rocks and golden sand with the sea under a sunny sky at Nanjizal

Seeing the golden bay that is Nanjizal, peppered with smooth boulders, stretch out in front of me told me all the wrong turns had been worth it. With the bright sky and warm January sun, west Cornwall was showing off in its technicolour glory.

I planned to stop here and have a dip. I praised my epic planning skills – it was low tide which mean I could have a little swim in the Song of the Sea – a well known cave with its own lagoon like pool. It was a scramble over the rocks to get to it, but why wouldn’t you?

a woman in the water by Song of the sea cave at Nanjizal

The return route to Sennen Cove via Land’s End

With the chill of the sea still on my skin and in my bones, I looked forward to making my way back to my car via Land’s End. The scenery here is beautiful. I’d highly recommend walking from Land’s End to Nanjizal. There are some inclines (not the worst I’ve experienced) but it’s a kind distance and popular with families and dog walkers.

rocks and cliffs with bright blue sea in Cornwall
a headland and the sea in Cornwall

At this point, I was awfully preoccupied with my parking as I’d not allowed enough time. I kept stopping, checking for signal and failed to download the app. All I could do was continue on and hop no one was patrolling the car park today.

the coast at Land's End in Cornwall
a black horse on the coast path in Cornwall

There’s something wild and different about west Cornwall and the Penwith Heritage coast. Mounds of rocks and boulders, all of a certain hue, wild horses grazing and just so much gorgeous ruggedness. I could’ve loitered and appreciated the scenery for longer. I reached Land’s End and passed through the visitor centre. I was on the home stretch.

Sennen Cove with rocs in the sea and houses on the coastline

In fact, I was surprised how close Sennen is. Before I knew it, I had reached the old lookout at Pedn-Mên-du. This is a lovely spot, by the way. Perfect for wave watching and just gazing out to sea. It’s so soothing.

I weaved my way back in to Sennen, running once more along the seafront and happy to have reached my car. This run reminded me of how much I like to have a sea swim part way through. As I left, I made a mental note to do it more often.

If you’re in the area on a Saturday, there is a Land’s End ParkRun. You can find information about all of Cornwall’s ParkRun in this blog post.

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