The St Just in Roseland and St Mawes (almost) 10k

Living on the Roseland Peninsula, I run some beautiful, local routes on a regular basis. It’s time to tell you about one of my well trodden and favourite Cornish running routes.

The shoreline at St Mawes with taupe sand and rocks

This 5.5 mile scenic route starts at St Just in Roseland and heads out onto the road to the rather salubrious St Mawes. After St Mawes, it’s trail running all the way back to St Just in Roseland. Most of this route is camera worthy so allow for some extra time. It’s hard not to stop and take loads of photos.

Starting at St Just in Roseland

I always start this route in St Just in Roseland, by the ridiculously pretty 13th Century church (Postcode: TR2 5JD). St Just in Roseland church sits on the tidal creek and has beautifully manicured gardens. Sir John Betjman claimed it to be, “the most beautiful churchyard on Earth”, and he may have well been right. Clearly a man of excellent taste!

St Just in Roseland castle with a man outside taking a photo

The car park is next to the church and opposite the popular Miss V’s Tea Room. Definitely a place to sit with a cup of tea and a slice of cake at the end of this coastal running route.

To access the south west coast path at St Just in Roseland, head down the road from the carpark. You’ll see a layby opposite the public toilets. Take the steps next to the layby and then the first path on your right.

We’re on our way!

Heading to St Mawes

From St Just in Roseland, it’s a gradual climb to the main road which leads to St Mawes.

If you’ve unfamiliar with the main road to St Mawes, it’s helpful to know that it’s the only route into the small town and there’s no pavement. Cars can hammer along here pretty fast, just so you know.

Aside from that, there’s no surprises. It’s a flat bit of road to run on, simply follow it into St Mawes.

bright blue sea and blue sky at St Mawes in Cornwall on the way to St Just in Roseland
Yellow sand and bright blue sea in Cornwall near St Just in Roseland
Penny Sherwood in black running skort and vest with orange visor in St Mawes

To St Mawes Castle

Turning a sharp right bend into St Mawes, I always enjoy running along the seafront. There’s no doubt that St Mawes is pretty, and expensive. There are yachts and boats moored up, the properties are impressive, and the sea glows and glistens effortlessly; it’s always wonderful to be here.

The route continues along the main road through St Mawes. I enjoy looking out to sea and peering in the bijou and traditional ice cream coloured coastal houses that line the road. I sometimes nip onto the pontoon for a few boat photos or stop and peruse the menu at one of the tempting places to eat.

The Idle Rocks Hotel in St Mawes at high tide and a blue boat in the harbour
Boats sat in the harbour at St Mawes at high tide with The Idle Rocks in the background
A red boat in the harbour at high tide and buildings in the background

As I run through St Mawes I always note the beaches and small sandy coves, all worth making time for. For a small Cornish town, St Mawes boasts 2 main beaches: Summers beach and Tavern beach. At low tide, there’s also Harbour beach. However, keep your eyes peeled when running this route, there’s a few hidden ones to be found!

As I edge my way towards St Mawes castle, I pass St Mawes Hotel (excellent food here) and Hotel Tresanton. St Mawes Castle is at the top of an incline but I’m greeted with panoramic views including St Anthony Head on one side, and Falmouth in the distance on the other. On a clear day, you can also make out Pendennis Castle.

A yellow buoy in the sea with headland in the background

The Return Route on the South West Coast Path

At St Mawes Castle head down towards the car park. The gate to the south west coast path is at the end of Castle Drive.

Leaving St Mawes behind me and heading onto the trails, it’s clear this section of the route is quite a contrast. With the water on my left, I work my way through one field to another. I remember when I first embarked on this running route and almost took the wrong path when it forks part way along. Just stay on the path nearest the water.

Bright blue sea and sky on the Roseland Peninsula near St Just in Roseland
Transparent sea with rocks underneath with bright blue sea near St Just in Roseland
transparent sea and rocks near St Just in Roseland

What’s also good about this running route is the terrain isn’t too arduous. There are no steep hills or testing climbs. It’s undulating and scenic. The last field leads to a gate by a rather impressive property. I head downhill and always stay near the water, running past Pasco’s boat yard.

You can stay on the road here if you like, but my way takes me through the grounds of St Just in Roseland church. That may sound weird but it’s so pretty.

The footpath that leads through the grounds of St Just in Roseland church is just after the last Pasco’s building. I tend to weave my way through the gardens to the car park, but you could run straight on and meet the road. Both options are near the car park and we’re done!

I can only say this is always a satisfying 6 miles.

Map of St Just in Roseland and St Mawes Route

For some reason, Plot a Route wouldn’t let me take this running route past the St Mawes Castle car park, onto Castle Drive. Take it from me, you can use Castle Drive to access the south west coast path back to St Just in Roseland but this is the closest I could do.

You can also find the actual route on my Strava, here.

a pinterest graphic of St Mawes castle for a running route from The Great Cornish Outdoors

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