Watching The Sun Go Down At Lusty Glaze

Is there anything better than heading to Newquay, strolling on a beach, and watching the sunset?

Where is Lusty Glaze?

An evening this week saw me stretching my legs with a friend and watching the sun go down on Lusty Glaze beach, in Newquay.

Aside from its fabulous, somewhat flirty name, Lusty Glaze is a relatively secluded cove. It’s nestled between Tolcarne beach and Watergate Bay on Cornwall’s north coast.

Lusty Glaze offers an outstanding view of Town Head. While it gets busy in the summer, Lusty Glaze feels hidden and secluded. There are other beaches like this in Cornwall, such as Pedn Vounder Beach in West Cornwall.

Cliff face and sand at Lusty Glaze
Cliffs and Sand At Lusty Glaze

Newquay isn’t that far away from where I live on Cornwall’s south coast but I don’t go that often. The last time I went to Lusty Glaze was several years ago, after running a 10k.

Given it’s been so long, I jumped at the opportunity to take a stroll there again. Made even better as it was while the sun made its way to the sea. 

Getting to Lusty Glaze is quite easy. You have to brace yourself for the steps that take you to the beach. Obviously they’re better going down than coming up. That said, it’s well worth it.

Lusty Glaze is a real sun trap. Even though the north Cornish coast can be quite windy, it’s relatively well protected.

Penny Bedford outside a beach hut
Blue Beach Huts at Lusty Glaze

Lusty Glaze Beach

One of Lusty Glaze’s pretty points are the baby blue beach huts that hug the cliff face. Oh, what I’d give to have one of those! Sadly on this occasion they were all locked up so we couldn’t have a nose inside.

We had plenty of beach to walk on as it was low tide. Even though Newquay’s renowned for surfing, we didn’t see any at Lusty Glaze on this occasion. In fact, surfing in Newquay, at somewhere like Fistral Beach is exhilarating. I’d recommend it for the experience alone.

Cliff on the Beach

I think we both felt the benefits of having a slow evening, putting the world to rights, and taking in the sunset. I enjoyed stopping after a busy day and taking in my surroundings.

The jagged chiselled rocks, gentle rolling waves, and the sensation of my feet sloping into the wet sand was just what I needed to wash the day away. 

If only all evening’s could be like this.

Sunset At Lusty Glaze Beach

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