The Great Cornish Outdoors Instagram Feature Account

Starting an Instagram feature account has been exciting and satisfying, mostly because I’m sharing some amazing Instagram accounts with you!

A friend, Stephie, suggested I start an Instagram feature account for the Great Cornish Outdoors. She started one recently, called South West Coast Path Hikers, and hasn’t looked back.

With Stephie’s encouragement, and a little research, I decided to set one up for The Great Cornish Outdoors. It’s been going for about 6 weeks now. I’ve been totally humbled and blown away by the support it’s received and how much it grows on a daily basis.

What’s An Instagram Feature Account?

Instagram feature accounts are all about you!

Feature accounts on Instagram repost photos from other people or Instagrammers. Most feature accounts have a theme. They can be anything from travel, life at home, items that are rusting away (it’s true!), faces, nature, and so on.

To increase your chances of a repost and have your photo noticed by the curator of an Instagram account, you need to add their unique hashtag when you post your image.

We all know how hard it can be to grow an account on Instagram. Feature accounts tend to become well established and have a loyal following. Therefore if they repost your image, it’ll be seen by a larger audience. This is likely to lead to greater exposure for you, good engagement, and an increase in your following.

Another plus about Instagram feature accounts, and hashtag projects is, if your image is reposted, you’re tagged and given full credit.

By engaging and following a feature account on the gram, you’ll discover other like minded people. You’ll find Instagram accounts offering similar content to yours, who also happen to take excellent photos. The people behind these accounts will probably have similar interests to you as well. By taking part, liking and commenting, you’ll soon feel part of a community.

I know from experience that it’s super flattering to have another Instagram account use your image. Each time I’ve been featured, I’ve gained new followers and an increase in engagement. I’ve also come across some very lovely people, whose accounts I continue to look out for.

How To Get A Feature On The Great Cornish Outdoors Instagram Feature Account?

Getting featured on The Great Cornish Outdoors Instagram account is easy.

I don’t have many specifications but here are a few pointers to maximise your chances.

1. Cornwall and Outdoors

As the name suggests, the theme of the feature account is Outdoors in Cornwall. This can be interpreted in any way you like.

Understandably, coastal views and beaches are popular. It doesn’t have to stop there though. We have woodland, moorland, pretty fishing villages, picturesque street views, houses with tasteful and quirky facades. Not to mention our historical tin mines and engine houses.

The ideas for your Instagram images can include other things too. Don’t forget outdoor activities in Cornwall are permissible. Popular pursuits and sports are encouraged, such as swimming, or eating a Cornish pasty on the beach. Maybe both!

2. Use the Hashtag!

The only other specification is to use the associated hashtag #thegreatcornishoutdoors.

Using the hashtag has two purposes. The first is, I’ll find your photo. I check the hashtag daily to stay on top of things.

Secondly, by adding the hashtag, you’re giving me permission to repost your image at a later date. You can tag The Great Cornish Outdoors account too if you want, but it’s not a requirement.

3. Quality

While the purpose of The Great Cornish Outdoors feature account is to show Cornwall through your eyes, it’s worth considering the quality of your image.

It doesn’t matter whether you take your Instagram photos with your phone or the most technical DSLR camera, a clear, high quality image of Cornwall will increase your chances of a repost. Simple adjustments, like straightening horizons, will also make your photo more appealing.

4. Something Different, maybe…

Filtered images are fine. I’m a big fan of VSCO and think a good filter can enhance, and sometimes improve an image. There’s no hard and fast rule though. Images can be desaturated and moody or light, bright and gentle. It’s really up to you.

Originality is also welcome. There’s nothing like seeing a well known landmark from a different perspective. Or embracing the macro setting on your camera, and giving us some wonderful close up details of what you find outside, in Kernow.

If in doubt, you could always have a look at the account, and see what images have been featured so far.

5. Engage with The Great Cornish Outdoors

We all like engagement and finding our little communities on Instagram and The Great Cornish Outdoors feature account is no different.

While commenting and engaging isn’t a requirement for a repost, it’s never a bad idea, is it? I guess we’re more likely to be remembered when we make ourselves known. Support is mutual and reciprocated, as it should be.

That’s the low down on The Great Cornish Outdoors Instagram feature account. Some beautiful photos have been submitted and new accounts pop up daily, which is wonderful to see.

Why not come and join in? We’d love to see your photos of Cornwall, wherever you are.

I know some of you love Cornwall as much as I do, but may not have any photos to share. There’s lots of feature accounts on Instagram, some offer themed hashtags that change daily or weekly. Why not check out these 6 Instagram Hashtag challenges to spur you on?

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