A Chilled Birthday Lunch at The Thomas Daniell, Truro

With lockdown restrictions easing that little bit more, I celebrated my birthday with a late lunch at one of my favourite eateries, The Thomas Daniell, in Truro.

The exterior of the Thomas Daniell Pub, Truro

The Thomas Daniell pub has been around for a good few years. Named after a wealthy tin and copper mine owner who was head of a great Truro dynasty in the late 18th Century, The Thomas Daniell was formerly called the Daniell Arms. It was brought up to date about 5 (ish) years ago and is now a highly regarded place to eat in Cornwall’s city.

an open door with coat hooks, a sign, and light
The word BAR as a lightbulb sign on a wooden wall
Tables and chairs in the Thomas Daniell in Truro

I never went to the Daniell Arms but can only speak highly of The Thomas Daniell. Situated at the top of Lemon Street, it’s inviting and a bit cool, as well as a little different.

I like The Thomas Daniell’s modern, somewhat hipster interiors, with naked bulbs, brass ale pumps and a large BAR sign. With tables spaced over 2 rooms, it offers a relaxed ambience where the staff are happy for you to take your time over your food and drink.

I can hand on heart say I’ve never had a bad experience at The Thomas Daniell. The menu’s always been intriguing, the food always excellent, and the staff helpful and welcoming. While I’ve been many times for an evening meal, this was my first lunch experience. I was so excited to be able to go out to eat (aren’t we all?) – it’s something I used to do relatively frequently. Also, this lunch was with my sister, Lisa, to celebrate my turning 45 (where does the time go?).

tables and old style chairs in front of a mirror with low hanging light fittings
a wooded mantelpiece with a vintage black phone and low glass light fittingsfittings e and

Menu Choices at The Thomas Daniell

When it comes to eating out, I hold my hands up – I’m a bit of a nightmare. As someone who follows a keto, low carb, high fat (LCHF) lifestyle, I don’t eat any grains, beans, pulses and very few root veg. I like a tasty Cornish pasty though. I hasten to add that there aren’t many foods I don’t like; it’s a lifestyle choice which I like and feel the benefits of.

Lisa, on the other hand, is vegan. This means what I don’t eat, she does. If our food choices were a venn diagram, vegetables would be the one familiar food group. With that in mind, it can be challenging finding somewhere to eat that’ll cater for both of us.

Thankfully The Thomas Daniell’s lunch menu gave us both some variety (thanks guys). You can check out the Thomas Daniell menu right here.

I opted for the basil halloumi main salad and while Lisa ordered a grilled vegetable sandwich and fries. Despite being a birthday celebration, no wine was ordered. I was driving and Lisa had another celebration to go to that evening. Even so, The Thomas Daniell has a fine array of alcohol. The gin collection alone looks impressive. Having been many times in the evening, I can recommend their cocktails.

Shelves of spirits and alcohol at The Thomas Daniell, Truro
A salad in a blue bowl, a blue teapot, a sandwich and chips on a wooden table at the Thomas Daniell, Truro

Lunch at The Thomas Daniell

I toyed with the idea of adding chips to my salad, but I’m glad I didn’t. It was substantial with generous slices of halloumi, cooked to perfection. My salad was crisp and the halloumi was deliciously salty.

Lisa’s grilled vegetable sandwich was pretty impressive as well. Thick chunky bread, fries and a bit of salad. I had a few of Lisa’s fries as well, they were good! I’ve no idea how she managed to eat again in the evening.

a green salad with Halloumi stacked on top in a blue bowl
a bowl of chips and vegetable sandwich and salad on a wooden table
Thick slices of bread with grilled vegetables and salad on a wooden board
Halloumi staked on top of a green salad

Over our food we had a proper catch up. It’s been so long, hasn’t it?

Lisa filled me in on what’s been happening with her life and business, and we talked over ideas for my limited edition prints and art. It’d been a good 12 months since we’ve properly caught up, despite staying in contact in other ways.

I cleared my bowl, happy and full. From The Thomas Daniell we wondered into town, and finished our weekend jobs.

My sister is one half of instagram account, @lazylunchers . They eat out regularly and show off their epic home cooking too so do give them a follow.

Penny Sherwood at the Thomas Daniell sat at the table smiling

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