River Views From Tresillian To Malpas

Looking for a pretty walk or run, near Truro?

Look no further…

Walking or running from Tresillian to Malpas is one of my little gems. It’s relatively well known amongst Cornish locals but always seems to be quiet.

People walk their dogs here, have a family stroll, and run, of course. It’s also good whatever the weather, with the trees providing shelter should you choose to come here on a wet day.

This charming run from Tresillian to Malpas includes the pretty hamlet of St Clement and wonderful views of the Tresilian River. It makes for an interesting walking or running route with ever changing terrain over the 2.5 mile distance.

Footpath from Tresillian, Near Truro

Flat footpath with trees

Penny Bedford about to run, in a short and vest

From Tresillian to St Clement

I always do this Truro walk from Tresillian towards Malpas; parking’s definitely easier in Tresillian. There’s always lots of roadside parking in the village. My advice would be to park after the Audi garage, as if you’re going towards Truro.

The opening to the footpath is next to a bungalow that sits below the pavement. It’s by the big car park sign for Truro. It’s not hard to find.

As soon as I leave the main road, I usually take a deep breath.

A sigh of relief.

I smile too because I like the view. I’m sheltered by trees before they open out and I can see Tresillian River. It’s a wonderful sight and it’s easy to forget that I’m not far from a busy road. I go over the little bridge and turn left, onto the flat trail, leading to St Clement.

The path from Tresillian to St Clement with wild flowers
Tresillian River at low tide
Tresillian River at low tide

This part of the route is relatively flat, and is basically a causeway. The flat terrain means it’s suitable for biking and wheelchairs. At just over a mile to St Clement, it may just be far enough for young children too.

The trail from Tresillian to St Clement is frequented by wildlife and nature photographers too, hoping to secure a photo of oyster catchers, curlews and other birds that are usually seen here.

a house with a post box outside

Fishing boats at low tide on Tresillian River

At St Clement

St Clement is a sweet hamlet with a small scattering of houses by Tresillian River. There’s some further up the hill, but St Clement hasn’t really changed much in recent years. The riverside cottages look cute and appealing. There used to be a tearoom here but sadly it’s no longer open.

I just like seeing the old boats moored at St Clement, some look like they haven’t moved for years.

From St Clement to Malpas

It’s at this point the walk or run becomes more interesting, with the terrain changing almost after every bend. If you want to head towards Malpas, the footpath is by the little parking bay in the centre of the St Clement.

A muddy path lies ahead and there’s a gradual incline before a left bend. Exposed tree roots continually appear underfoot, so I know I need to look 2 or 3 steps ahead as I run. I’m known for running injuries and if anyone’s going to stumble and fall, it’ll be me!

Before I turn right and over a stile, I see a little opening down to the riverbank. There’s a rope begging to played with. Me and my son have had a few turns on this one. Just be careful not to plop in the water if the tide’s coming in!

A Stile leading to a field near St Clement

From here it’s into a flat field and through a gate. Here comes my favourite bit, running through the trees. This portion of the route from St Clement to Malpas reminds me of the scene in The Snowman when they’re on the motorbike, speeding through the woodland. It doesn’t last long before the trees thin out and there are steps and uneven ground to navigate.

Tresillian River and a boat

The view’s stunning too. Tresillian river becomes wider here and there’s always a few boats on the water.

After the woodland there’s a few climbs. Nothing huge but enough to mention them here. I just keep following the path and notice since my last outing, a few trees have been felled. How good is the smell of freshly cut wood?

There’s also a bench to sit on here. A perfect picnic spot, offering views of Tresillian River, Malpas and Truro.

A bench overlooking the river at Malpas
Fishing boats on an estuary at low tide

After a little climb, the path flattens and narrows. There’s a gate and I gradually go down hill. This bit is called Dinas Road. There’s another little bridge before the path leads to Malpas village.

At Malpas

From here, I usually retrace my steps and make my way back to Tresillian. If you’re out for the day, why not stop for lunch at the Heron Inn in Malpas. It’s only a short stroll down the road. I’ve eaten here a few times and can vouch for the food.

If you have time, you could carry on and stroll down to Boscawen Park, a lovely place if you have children.

If you’d like a looped walk or run, one suggestion would be to head into Truro and taking the road to Pencalenick. This will eventually bring you out at the edge of Tresillian.

Whatever you choose to do, there’s no denying to beauty of this woodland walking route from Tresillian to Malpas.

My question is, do you know of any others?

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