6 Simple Spring Joys

Strictly speaking, it’s been Spring for a few months now but until recently, it hasn’t felt like it. After a long, cold winter which I thought would never end, it’s with total joy and open arms that I welcome Spring. 

Something happens when the days get longer and the sun shines. Life feels better, and somehow more positive. I want to do more and make the most of my days, whatever I’ve planned. It feels like there’s more opportunities too, as if the slump of winter has finally gone and it’s time to embrace the joys that Spring brings. 

Spring is a time of pleasure and joy, and while there are many, here are 6 that I look forward to year after year.

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I’d be lying if I said I wake up to catch the sunrise (even that’s too early for me) but there’s something about the light coming through the curtains as I wake, rather than being in the dark. The birds are tweeting and the day seems to have already started by the time I sleepily raise my head off the pillow. Longer days means greater productivity too, plus I’m a morning person. If I’ve slept well, I’m quite content waking early and pottering around my little house. 


With Spring comes a change in food choices. Hello salad, BBQs, cold meats and more fruit. There’s plenty of fruit and veg in season; I love the variety. My plate becomes an abundance of colour and I find I want shake my meals up a little. I like warming and nourishing winter food but look forward to the Spring seasonal shift, when my body seems to crave something different. Plus, there’s only so much sweet potato mash a girl can eat. 

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I get quite excited about unpacking my lighter spring/summer clothes. While I like being cosy in warm, chunky knits, by March I’m ready to move on. I find I’ve often forgotten about certain Spring items and feel so happy that I’m able to wear them again. I’m getting into quirky t shirts at the moment, and have grown an impressive collection of summer skirts over the last few years. I definitely wear more skirts and dresses in the summer, not to mention the essential Saltwater sandals. Needless to say, the Breton collection is coming on nicely too.


My garden may need a serious overhaul but it doesn’t stop me appreciating, or looking forward to, the beautiful shrubs and bulbs that are flowering and decorating my garden. It starts with daffs and tulips. After that, I wait for the stunning giant poppies to make an appearance, alongside any irises my mum planted (thank you!). It’s not just happening in the garden though. Step out onto the coastpath and the bright yellow gorse is blooming and sits in wonderful contrast to the blue sky and sea.

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It’s no secret that I’m on the beach all year round, why wouldn’t you be? With Spring comes the opportunity to laze away evenings on my local stretch of sand, preferably with a BBQ and beer (wine or tea). I like to soak up the extra rays of warmth, which leaves me feeling totally content. This is my idea of bliss and it’s so simple. The kids love it too. They get to play late into the evening, splash in the sea, and eat loads of sausages. Special memories for everyone. 


It’s a relief to turn the heating off, and not have to buy logs and coal for the fire a trillion times a week. With Spring comes a desire to open windows, see the curtains billow, and let the fresh air swirl it’s way around my home. I quite like the little chill it brings too; a blast of freshness to invigorate my much loved four walls. 

I like to embrace every season as they come around, I can’t say I have a favourite. With Spring comes the promise of something new and fresh. There’s an energy and I want to spend more time outdoors compared to winter. 

Do you have a favourite season? What joys do you find in Spring? 

Thank you to the lovely ladies at The Flower Studio, Falmouth, for making these pics possible. Photos by Emily Price

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