The FlipBelt

I’m always on the lookout for new running kit and accessories, and the Flipbelt came high recommended to store keys, phone and other items when running.

I was given the FlipBelt for Christmas and admit, it was new to me. In case you don’t know, The FlipBelt is a piece of thick elasticated, stretchy fabric with gaps placed around it for all your worldly goods. Mine is a luminous yellow and I like the brightness. They come in all colours, including black.

Flipbelt Running

How To Wear A Flipbelt

When it came to putting on The FlipBelt, I wasn’t sure whether I should wear it over or under my clothes. I ended up watching a YouTube vid to make sure (see the Video HERE). It’s slightly embarrassing to admit, it isn’t rocket science.

I don’t know about you, but once I start a run, I don’t want to be stopping fiddling with my kit and sorting it out. You have a preference too whether you flip it over to hide the gaps, giving extra security and peace of mind. I’ve used mine a lot, and I usually don’t bother. I find I don’t need to.

Flipbelt Running

What Size FlipBelt Do I Need?

Finding your right size and getting the right FlipBelt for you couldn’t be easier. They have a size guide here.

I first tested the FlipBelt on a short 4 mile run. To start it felt a bit strange simply because I wasn’t used to it. It’s certainly comfortable to wear and you need a snug fit to make sure it doesn’t move. Someone asked me if it rides up. I have to be honest and say yes, sometimes.


Some of my running bottoms are now loose around the waist. I prefer my belt to sit on the waistband of whatever I’m wearing. I have found when I wear bottoms that fit better, the belt stays put. There is nothing wrong with having the belt on your waist, but for me, that feels a little foreign. It’s personal preference.


Would I Recommend?

Overall, I’m rather impressed and like The FlipBelt. It’s a simple idea and one that works. Plus, I like how discrete it is.

I used to have an arm band for my phone. It’s now long forgotten. With the FlipBelt I no longer have bouncing headphone leads (so annoying), they now go under my top from the belt. On short runs where I just need somewhere to put my keys and phone, the Flipbelt is ideal. I use it 3 times a week and is part of my regular kit for short runs.



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