8 Ways To Satisfy Your Travel Itch Without Travelling

Satisfy your travel itch with planning

At a time when travelling far from our doorstep is a no-no, I’m having to think of new ways to satisfy my travel itch. I don’t think I’m alone either!

Lockdown has meant thinking outside the box when it comes to adventure; finding creative ways of connecting with places without leaving home. I know I’m fortunate to have many Cornish places within walking distance from my home. That doesn’t mean I’m not eager to go further afield.

As the pandemic and lockdown continue, I’m trying different ways to scratch that niggling travel itch and fulfill the adventurer in me. Here are some ways I’m experiencing different parts of Cornwall, the UK, and other international destinations, without leaving the sofa.

St Mawes and Idle Rocks hotel

Planning Future Adventures

I’m definitely a planner and I’ve enjoyed mapping out what I’m going to do once lockdown is over. Simply researching different destinations helps quash the travel itch.

During all periods of lockdown, I’ve looked into places to visit and things to do in Cornwall. I’ve certainly taken advantage of having more time at home to do some proper research. Not only that, I’ve tentatively looked at future holiday options. It’s got to the point where I’ve developed a bit of a Cornwall bucket list! I can’t wait to have a proper staycation this summer.

The lockdown has definitely afforded the opportunity to really look into Cornwall’s hidden, quiet places. There’s days out with my son to consider. We love a boat trip and had a great time on our rib ride in St Ives. I’m keen to visit the Telegraph Museum (it’s meant to be great for families), Tintagel Castle, and finally savour one of Poldhu Beach Cafe’s famous hot chocolates.

Cornwall Travel itch St Mawes view from Tresanton Hotel
Sea view from Tresanton Hotel St Mawes

Not forgetting running routes in Cornwall, I’ve a huge list of 5k circular coastal runs, and some 10k ones as well. All taking in the south west coast path of course.

The great news is, wherever we go, I can share them here with you, on my Cornwall lifestyle and running blog.

Whether it’s Cornwall or somewhere else, planning your next adventure offers a form of escapism. It’s something to look forward to, and there’s something totally satisfying about conjuring up images of what’s to come. Personally, I love researching places and holiday destinations. Where to stay, how to get there, and what we’ll do once there.

So it doesn’t matter where or what you’re planning, enjoy this part as much as the actual travelling.

Idle Rocks and St Mawes Harbour

Reminisce About Previous Holidays

I recently sorted out my digital and developed photos. It took longer than expected as I let myself look and remember different experiences as I organised my photos. It was a satisfying way to spend a few hours. Plus, it reminded me of how many places I’ve travelled to.

I unearthed some long forgotten photos. These prompted wonderful. happy images and memories of holidays abroad, day trips in Cornwall, and moments by the sea with family and friends.

a tower in Bruges
Travel itch for Ha Long Bay VIetnam

It’s the feelings attributed with these memories that resonate the most. The stories and sharing with others, “Do you remember when we went to Vietnam and I had pizza every day?” (* not my memory ?.) Followed by smiling, laughing, and recalling each of our special moments.

A World Food Tour

With travel comes the experience of food. Another way of scratching that urge to travel is to recreate cuisines from places already visited.

Personally, I love trying out local delicacies and dishes when on holiday. Whether it’s savouring fine British food using locally sourced ingredients, or tasting a dish for the first time, there’s something about food that transports us back to other times and places.

On the river with a travel itch in Bruges

In his book, The Art of Making Memories, Meik Wiking talks about the power of first experiences and how they’re more memorable.

A large proportion of these are usually food related. It’s true too! I distinctly remember my first oyster at a local seafood restaurant, braving fermented shark in Iceland, and loving goat curry in Jamaica.

By making the food of previous holiday destinations, or creating some new flavours in anticipation of your next voyage, there’s no doubt your travel itch will be scratched! It’ll make you excited and hopeful for the travels yet to happen.

If you’re after something Cornish, here’s my family recipe for a traditional Cornish pasty.

Find Some Blogs & Vlogs

If you’re feeling a little lost and want to connect with some places that are dear to you, why not check out some travel vlogs on YouTube? It’s also a great source of future travel information and inspiration.

St Mawes street view
coastline and beach at St Mawes

Of course, you can explore The Great Cornish Outdoors and find places to go and things to do in Cornwall. There’s some videos on my instagram account too. You could create a bucket list of places on your doorstep, like I have, and other far flung places to find on your next travel adventure.

For other Cornwall related videos on YouTube, Cornish Walking Trails are good.

Transport Yourself With Film and TV

There’s loads of well known films out there, with the most amazing filming locations, offering much holiday inspiration. You only have to watch The Beach, for example, to be travelling to Phuket from the comfort of your own home. I’m a sucker for a Bond film; the locations are always stunning. Did you know Die Another Day was filmed at The Eden Project, in Cornwall?

There’s loads of other films and tv programmes based and filmed in Cornwall. The obvious choice is Poldark, filmed in Charlestown, along the tin coast at Botallack and Levant Tin Mines, Chapel Porth, and many others locations. Doc Marten is very popular too, and draws many visitors to Port Isaac year after year.

Porthtowan beach with people in the sea

Aside from these, Mary Wesley’s Camomile Lawn was filmed on the Roseland Peninsula (there’s a great close up of my grandfather in the wake scene). Other Cornwall based films to help that travel itch are Crooks and Cloisters, The Three Musketeers (the Keifer Sutherland one), Bait, Fishermans Friends…. there’s too many to actually name them all!

Read Books To Satisfy Your Travel Itch

When it comes to books we’re spoilt for choice. Obviously, travel books are great to dip into. In fact, I usually buy a Rough Guide for every holiday I go on, just to whet my appetite.

For Cornwall, I recently read Wild Guide Devon, Cornwall and South West, and Eat Surf Live (a Cornwall guide which I believe is now out of print). Both offered some good staycation inspiration. Next on the list is 40 coastal and country walks in Cornwall

flat lay of Eat Surf Live Cornwall Guide

If you’re wanting some Cornwall based fiction, there’s always Daphne du Maurier. I’ve never read a Daphne du Maurier but like the sound of Frenchman’s Creek. I can imagine mentally checking in to beautiful Helford, where it’s based and getting lost in all the romance.

Other authors who favour Cornish towns in their literature are Fern Britton and Rumer Godden’s China Court. Of course, Raynor Winn’s The Salt Path is a high regarded favourite, along with her follow up, The Wild Silence.

Castle beach St Mawes
Beach at St Mawes

Hey, Music Lover

Another great way to satisfy that travel itch is to listen to some music from where you’ve been or where you’d like to go. You could relive some amazing live music events, or find tunes to inspire your next adventure.

There’s playlists for most things on Spotify. I tend to listen to chilled house music on Soundcloud. It reminds me of early evenings, sipping wine at a beach bar in Greece. Heaven!

For Cornwall related music, why not watch the Eden Sessions on Youtube, or check out the 2021 line up?.

Take a Virtual Tour

When lockdown started, virtual tours were well advertised. They certainly give the experience of being somewhere else while staying at home. Forbes have a great post on the World’s 15 Best Virtual Tours; definitely worth a look.

Some Cornish brands and businesses have put together virtual tours, to help us get through lockdown. You can have a virtual look around Bodmin Jail, or check out the Monsters of the Deep tour at Falmouth Maritime Museum.

I guess we all have ideas about what to do and where to go when we’re granted some freedom. How have you been staying connected to places you love or would like to go to? Have you managed to transport yourself, or travel to Cornwall, while staying at home?

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